Days Off

(like today, in fact)

I’m not a huge fan of ‘days off’ as most people understand them: the idea of lounging around in pyjamas watching box sets and eating popcorn doesn’t really appeal to me, as I’ll end up being bored if I don’t have a difficult or engaging thing to do every day (one of the reasons I started this blog). However, today has been a conventional ‘day off’ for me: I did an hour of work this morning, then flitted between watching old episodes of Newswipe, playing Armor Games‘ Dead Zone and watching El Classico, and I’ve actually enjoyed it.

To prevent boredom is basically why I try to do useful things every day; I feel like a day has been a waste if I’ve not done anything relevant on that day, and the specific actions I perform are also likely to be dull – marathoning Crash Course episodes is fun for a while, but not so much for three hours.

Also, my mindless ‘relaxing’ activities are fairly monotonous, and consist almost entirely of Football Manager, Madden 25, PES 2014 or watching the Vlogbrothers, meaning that I end up doing all the same things every time I want to ‘relax’; it seems like I do a lot of either reading or school work because, at times, it’s more interesting that video games (folks in my English class, this is why my presentations and handouts are always so bleeding long and detailed).

I don’t have a need to take a lot of such days off too – I sleep eight hours a day (be jealous of my time-management abilities, mortals!) so I rarely get home on a friday and crash out. This also means that I can do a load of work on the weekends, because I get up early and so can do said loads of work. There is a downside here, in that I am physically incapably of waking up later than about half 8, so its hard to rest up before next week’s DofE expedition where I will get exactly 0.0000004 hours of sleep, which is slightly concerning.

However, today has been legitimately enjoyable for a day off, I think partly because I was very tired; I’ve just finished a half-term at school, and I wanted a break anyway, so I decided that this weekend I wouldn’t kill myself to do constructive things with my time.

Furthermore, I did work, satisfying my pathetic urge to try to do something minutely useful with my ultimately irrelevant life, even if it was for a short time, and screwed around on Logic, the music production program, for the first time in a month, so I did something that was both reasonably mentally engaging and different to a Football Manager marathon.

I try to be active and useful even when I’ve got no deadlines to meet in terms of Uni applications, school work or whatever, but I do realise the importance of going ‘bleh!’ and chilling out for a bit. In the past, I’ve either been working 24/7 or relaxing with monotonous and dull activities, but I’m finding a medium between these two extremes: video games, logic, YouTube and this blog are all great ways to relax, that I now realise that I can rotate to make sure I’m not doing what most people seem to do in their down time: relax by being lethargic, which ultimately makes you tired and feel like you’ve wasted a day.


Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe (Screenwipe theme song > Newswipe theme song)

Armor Games (the quality of the games outweighs the idiocy of this spelling)

John and Hank Green’s Crash Course (filled with historical, literary and scientific goodness!)

The Vlogbrothers (filled with more general John and Hank Green goodness!)


3 thoughts on “Days Off

  1. I completely get the need to do something productive no matter what day it is. Tomorrow’s my birthday, I’ve been told to relax and enjoy it. I can’t enjoy it if I’m not working!

    1. Make a birthday-themed to-do list! Like baking your own cake, finding presents for everyone who gets you presents, writing cards and singing them from people who didn’t give you cards themselves, that sort of thing.

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