Eleven Facts About Me

(it’s 11 because I really like numerical alliteracy, which is another good nonword)

 1) My favourite video game is Mass Effect 3, followed by Football Manager 2013, The Last Of Us, Pokemon Coliseum and Black & White 2 (no, this one!), in that order.

2) My favourite book is Crime And Punishment, then The Picture Of Dorian Gray, The Inferno, Dracula and then The Player Of Games, also in that order.

3) My favourite thing on the Internet is Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged.

4) My favourite shop is IKEA.

5) My favourite brand of clothing is Lonsdale Tracksuits, and I don’t own a pair of jeans.

6) My favourite band is Rise Against, followed by Anavae, Lordi, Northland and Icon For Hire, in no particular order.

7) My favourite film is Independence Day, and I’ve not been to a cinema in two and a half years.

8) My favourite person is a collection of personified desires and idealised traits drilled into me by seventeen years living in an image-oriented and judgemental society, that has never, will never, and cannot possibly exist.

9) My favourite food is whatever the Hell I can afford when I go to Uni.

10) My favourite drink is water, you caffeine-pumped peasant.

11) My favourite place is as far away from other people as humanly possible, provided I have an Internet connection and an inexhaustible supply of tracksuit trousers. The closest place to this that I’ve found is in the ultra-specialised DIY store in the retail park just off the A10, near the Cineworld Cinema.

I’d make this into a tag blog, because I think they should be a thing, but I’ve no friends to tag, but enjoy this meaningless insight into my preferences regardless.


Black & White 2 (the final land is a nightmare to complete, and the expansion pack was disappointingly narrative-driven, compared to the total openness of the original game)


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