This Post Is Pathetic

(cue list of crappy excuses)

Okay, a combination of Ancient History controlled assessment prep, frantically reading Middlemarch so I finish it before my interview, my deadline for my A2 History coursework and the resulting buildup of tiredness upon completion of these activities over the course of the last two weeks has somehow caused me to be too tired to spit out 600 unchecked words about why I hate pelican crossings or some other functionally effective part of our complex society, without which we’d be no better than feral animals eating our own faeces for our own amusement, and so I leave you with a few links to things I like watching on the Internet, in the hope that this will appease my ever-growing fanbase; seriously, I’ve got, like, ten new followers this week.

YGOTAS (worth marathoning, and watching all the videos of Littekuriboh and the other abridgers at various panels over the last few years)

Northland (it’s funny because they’re Portuguese)

Lex Croucher

Stephen Georg (very well worth completing ‘The Journey’, the process of watching all 1,500-odd of his consecutive daily vlogs if you’ve got a bit of time)

Crash Course (genuinely educational and enjoyable)

Job Hunters (season two is in production!)

Stupid Mario Brothers (it really picks up after the first ten or so episodes)


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