Twenty-Two Facts About Me

(still loving the numerical alliteracy)

1) I have type one diabetes (and Osgood-Schlatter disease).

2) I’ve only ever worn jeans twice.

3) Is my favourite number because it was my shirt number for the most successful football team I played for as a kid; I scored six goals in ten games that season.

4) Is the number of days visible on one page of my diabetes record book. This makes seeing trends over the course of a week rather difficult.

5) My favourite type of football to play is five-a-side.

6) I’ve been addicted to YouTube for about six years.

7) Is the number of facts that is I consider ‘enough’ for a fact blog.

8) I got eight A*s at GCSE.

9) Is the number of cousins I have!

10) I was ten years old when I received my favourite birthday card. I’ve lost it now, but I remember it surprisingly well.

11) Was the year of my first, and so far only, gig: Rise Against at the Brixton Academy on November 9th; I still carry around the ticket in my wallet. Now that was a bloody awesome night.

12) Was the year of my excellent work experience at the BBC in Salford. I stayed in a hostel by myself for a few days while I was up there, and I’ve got a leftover breakfast token to show for it.

13) I’ve tried to write a short story thirteen times. It’s been the same damn story too.

14) Is the value of my first name on a Scrabble board.

15) Would be the value of my first name on a Scrabble board if my parents thought ‘James’ was spelt with a ‘V’ instead of an ‘M’.

16) I’ve asked for sixteen albums this Christmas, which I will purchase on Christmas morning on iTunes with actual money. Because I’m a lawful bastard.

17) Is the number of consecutive years me and my family have spent a week in Bexhill, on the south coast. It’s a tradition that dates back to my Granddad’s evacuation there during the War. (history, yo.)

18) Is the number of thousands of times I’ve googled ‘sloths’ and spent literally hours laughing at the image results.

19) When I’m nineteen years old, I’ll be doing an English degree. Holy balls.

20) Is perhaps the number I most associate with the concept of ’roundness’, moreso than zero.

21) Has become a cursed number to wear in my York City team on Football Manager 2013.

22) I’ve come up with 22 meme-based responses to my possible A-level results, the most appropriate of which I will share on Facebook on Results Day, to a reception of universal LOLs and likings. Or maybe just a single comment from my sister, either will do.


14 thoughts on “Twenty-Two Facts About Me

  1. Wow, this would have taken me forever to write! Did it take you long? I think this is great, might try to do one myself. By the way, I’m lawful, too. It leaves me music less though, good thing there are streamers and YouTube!

    1. This only took about half an hour to do – coming up with facts is hard often because you won’t know where to start of they’ll just be unrelated and messy, so structuring it numerically like this makes it much easier. And I know what you mean about YouTube – I just listen to whole albums when I’m at home on it because I’ve not got the actual cd yet 🙂

  2. Sorry I swear I’ll stop reading old stuff here but…okay this is going to sound weird, but if you’ve only worn jeans twice…what do you prefer then? O.O
    And 13 14 15 16 18 were XD in particular.

      1. Bingo! I get it now.
        No seriously, I always get scared I’ll freak people out. Like, when I find really good blogs I just like setting time aside to have little reads here and there. 😀

          1. XD nahhhh it works!
            I don’t’s just, some people when suddenly they have a bajillion views from one place even talk about it, and I’m all “IM SO SORRY IT JUST..HAPPENED.”

            1. They should appreciate your bajillion views! Think of the size of the bars on their stats page!

              And yeah I feel weird about it too – that’s why I leave a load of comments, so that annoying viewer giving a thousand views in a day has a name.

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