I Stole Some Questions

(I was gonna write an ‘intelligent’ post today about my response to the idiocy of fashion and generally caring about one’s appearance, but I’m too busy today to be making points eloquently. So here are some questions I stole from The Hoax Of A Digitial Life)

Feel free to answer these questions yourself too! I don’t want to call anyone out specifically to answer them because I’ve not seen tag blogs on WordPress yet, and I’m unsure if it’s some great social taboo on this site, that’ll cause me to lose all my readers and anyone who reads this post to shut down their blog then and there and move the outer Mongolia, which contains the World’s worst Internet connection, outside of a Ryanair flight.

1) What is your most cherished memory?

Hearing about my offer from my first-choice University. This happened in the last week, a full month after my interview, so I was stressing for a bit. Also, I’m not naming names of Unis until after all my applications are done – wouldn’t want one of them to find this blog and see that they’re not my first choice!

2) If you had one object to take with you before you were stranded on a desert island, what would it be and why?

An infinite supply of paper. That way I’d finally have time to write the novel I’ve had the idea for for about two years. Spoilers, it’s incredibly violent and dark. Like the new Tomb Raider game. Also, I wouldn’t need a pen, I’d just cut my own index finger, so that way I’m still playing by the rules of this question.

3) What is one trait you respect in others above anything else?

The ability to not care about things at a moment’s notice; I don’t mean important things, like one’s future, or international poverty and such, but often people take life way to seriously – who cares if your teenage romance didn’t work out, you’re barely a fully-formed foetus yet. Anyone who can say “Screw it, let’s watch YuGiOh Abridged for an hour.” is fine by me.

4) What are your views on religion? Are you religious? Why/Why not?

As far as I’m concerned, Religion is a human construct developed and refined over thousands of years to provide answers to astrological, biological, physical and moral questions, where other means to answer these questions are not available. I don’t think Religion is inherently destructive; while we can use science to tell us the Earth is round, we have no other means of judging actions morally – Religion provides a general framework of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that has helped make our society a place of law, order and reason, where gross violence or sexual abuse are, rightly, seen as bad things, not only because of the physical pain involved, but because they fit into the category of ‘bad stuff’ defined by Religion.

I dislike Religion where people use it as the exclusive answer to all questions; it is, traditionally, woefully inaccurate in providing scientific answers, and while it can provide a moral framework for our society, I think it is often outdated – people developed these gods and teachings millennia ago, and while our beliefs on murder or adultery haven’t really changed in that time, views towards things like homosexuality or blood donation, an idea only recently made possible by medical science, have changed in some areas, and Religion should change to accommodate these new ideas, as I feel it was derived from a series of social norms in the first place. I don’t mind if people are religious, just don’t ram it down my throat, okay?

As you might have guessed, I’m an atheist, not agonistic; I strongly believe in there being an objective lack of a deity in our Universe. Also, I do accept that atheism could be termed as a religion, as it is a judgement based on faith – we have no means of proving or disproving the existence of God through science, so any such judgements must contain faith.

I am not religious because I’m too selfish and cynical for it; I struggle to believe in any figure I can’t directly observe or communicate with, especially in the modern era where there are things like TV, the Internet and music that provide a structure for our lives and mannerisms that only a god could provide two millennia ago, and I’m opposed to the general idea of there being a figure more important than me in my life; I accept and welcome support and criticism from others, but ultimately, there’s nothing that I can’t do if I want to, and I shouldn’t have to fear judgement from a higher power for doing it. If I want to have lube-intensive orgies with ABBA in the background and hairy men in my foreground, I’m gonna do it, and there shouldn’t be an omnipotent figure on a cloud who tells me otherwise.

5) If you had super powers, what would they be? Would you use them to help people, or for your own benefit?

To be able to never suffer the biological impacts of alcohol, so I could down thousands of shots at once at parties to have an excuse to wear sunglasses and call myself a badass, without months of liver-screwing preparation beforehand, and so that I could drink with friends without having to worry about the impacts on my Diabetes-worn body.

6) Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why?

Definitely my Dad; he’s been through some crap in his life but he’s come out of it the most considerate and hard-working person I know. If I can do half of the work he’s done, in half as meaningful a sense as he’s doing, and I tweeted about it, I’d probably be in the running for a Nobel Prize.

7) What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in this past week? Did you overcome it?

Not immediately writing an adrenaline-fuelled hate-post about how good people in our society have the potential to be massive wankers after my, usually intelligent, friend posted a picture on Facebook with the hashtag ‘nomakeup’. I still want to write about that topic, but probably in less of a violent, and more of a considerate, society-wide way.

8) What is your biggest ambition in life? Do you think it is achievable?

To not pay back any of my student loan – take that tuition fees! And I do think it’s achievable – I’m getting an english degree so I don’t plan to have a job after University, so I definitely won’t make over £20,000 a year, and I don’t really plan to be alive after I’m 27 as a result.

9) When was the last time you saw something that made you smile?

This, and probably the rest of the search results.

10) What is more important, happiness or truth? Can you have both?

Definitely truth – I’m gonna be a miserable bastard for the remainder of my life, but I’ll be bloody honest about it.


Captain Beardley, and his combination of drawings of harrowing nightmare figures and acoustic covers of songs I’ve not heard of!

Stalin Memes


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