I Don’t Want You To Read These Posts

(in editing, I realised the egotism of that title; it suggests that your interaction with this blog is not based on your own choice, or even what I think you could do, but what I want you to do. This power’s going to my head)

Well, not all of them anyway.

When I started doing this, I loved the idea of a daily blog; that way, I could write regularly, and you folks would have a choice of what to read – essentially, you’re under no obligation to read these things every day I post them, and so I don’t expect you to. It’s like a newspaper (if those still exist): there are a crap-ton of articles, but you only read the ones you think you’ll be interested in.

However, a few of my friends have criticised the daily blog format because it creates this obligation to follow it religiously – they are of the opinion that if content is posted every day, content must be read every day.

I think this stems from a culture of on-demand entertainment provided by those who cannot provide it 24/7: take video blogging for instance; we can watch a Charlie McDonnell video whenever the Hell we like, but he cannot upload them whenever we want him to, due to a combination of his perfectionism, time spent making short films and the fact that no-one can produce content for an audience whenever they ask for it.

Ultimately, we have the means to view content on-demand, through YouTube, streaming and catch-up services, but the producers of this content do not have the means to upload stuff on demand. That’s kinda physically impossible.

Annoyingly, the only people with the resources to pump out stuff whenever we want it, such as large TV companies, actively choose to release their work episodically or at regular intervals, and take steps to prevent their content from being viewed on-demand online – anyone who watches YuGiOh Abridged will know that the YouTube bots have it in for on-demand anime for God’s sake.

As a result, we’re stuck in the position of being able to view content whenever we want from those who cannot produce it fast enough for our appetites, or having to wait for release dates from those who could conceivably churn out stuff at a rate to our tastes. This is why a lot of people won’t watch a series until it’s out on DVD, then marathon the whole thing, so they get a load of content, whenever they want it.

I feel it’s a similar problem here, but in reverse: you probably don’t want to read my posts every day (I’d actively advise against it – too much exposure to my illogical cynicism and egomaniacal titling will reduce you to the sort of emotionally void loser I am), but I’m throwing them at you on a daily basis- I’ve even started writing these in the morning, to get them out to you faster!

I want you folks to have a choice in deciding to read these posts or not; to an extent it’s already started, with my fifty-odd followers and ten-odd views a day (on a good day), and the regular commenters and likers doing so irregularly.

And I like this. This shows that you people are actually people, and are only getting involved in posts and idea that you like. This is why the damn blog is self-titled, so its topics can remain broad (as long as they are relevant to me which, as they are written by me, always will), allowing you guys to read whatever you want on here.

I’m not expecting fifty-plus views on each post, because you people have lives to get on with; I write these for half an hour at a time before I go to bed or after I have breakfast, they’re amusing, silly views on halfway serious issues or outright annoying things, so treat them as such. Talk about the issues I raise that are relevant or interesting to you, but don’t feel compelled to read all of this, and certainly don’t tell me that I expect you to.


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