Happy do whatever the Hell you want day


I was going to write a post about the Pagan origins of Christmas, but I have become distracted by excessive Christmas dinnering and the new Football Manager game, so I will talk quickly about why Christmas is so cool.

Fundamentally, the holiday is about individuality; we get what we as individuals want and give to others what want them to have.

Although general conventions of Christmas trees and tinsel provide a broad framework within which the holiday can be celebrated, these traditions are incredibly vague: we choose the nature and placement of decorations, we choose the contents of the dinner, and we choose the crap we spend Christmas evening watch on TV.

This freedom let’s Christmas be celebrated by any religion or social group: the fundamental goals of giving and charity are not just applicable to all religions, but are ‘decent’ things to be done by any nice person, so anyone can get involved in the holiday, and look good doing it.

This is why I don’t want to wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’, not because of the religious connotations (I know Hindus that put up trees and give presents), but because the celebration is one of individuality, me telling you what to do is inherently flawed.

I only hope that your day, moreso than the other, less explicitly personal days of the year, goes exactly as you want it to; my idea of a great Christmas certainly differs from that of yours, so I don’t want your day to be ‘merry’ or ‘fruitful’ or ‘rewarding’, but that it is ‘yours’.


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