Thirty-Three Facts About Me

(oh my God, the title rhymes)

1) I have had ten Singaporean dollars in my wallet for the last five and a half years (about £4.80).

2) My blog’s theme fits really well onto a tablet. Just saying.

3) I don’t know the difference between Mill Hill and Muswell Hill (why are there Powerleagues at both?).

4) I still don’t have a favourite character from Battlestar Galactica, and I’ve only got half a season left of the show to watch.

5) It took me three years of listening to Rise Against to finally buy one of their t-shirts.

6) I enjoy running; not the payoffs in terms of weight loss or longer life expectancy, but the actual process of running.

7) I have a pinecone on a stick on my desk. Your argument is invalid.

8) I don’t own a pair of sunglasses.

9) Back in 2010, when everyone and their mother was making Abridged Series, I wanted to abridge Rave Master. I didn’t do it.

10) I’ve only ever been abroad to Holland, France and Australia, and Belgium, but only on the way to Holland.

11) I’m afraid I’m secretly racist because all of the rappers I like are white.

12) I got a book of Oscar Wilde quotes for Christmas. Your arguments are, again, invalid.

13) I wish I spoke better French than I do.

14) I’ve never broken a bone in my body, despite having awful eyesight, Diabetes and Osgood-Schlatter syndrome.

15) When I was eleven I wanted to be a brain surgeon. No idea why.

16) I have a cube-shaped mug, painted to resemble the body of a pug, with the face on one side, the butt on the opposite side, and the legs on the other sides. I call it the PugMug.

17) I hated Game of Thrones because of a gender divide, which I deem unnecessary after watching Battlestar.

18) When I was a kid, I broke an empty milk bottle in the garden by kicking a football at it. A week later, I ran through the garden bare-footed and got a piece of the bottle lodged in my foot for a day. Sucks to be me.

19) I can’t live without coasters.

20) Whenever I actively choose not to play Football Manager I get worried.

21) About 80% of my time in bed is spent thinking, in disturbing detail, of what would happen if I were to meet any number of YouTubers, actors, writers or musicians I like.

22) Every time I suggest blogging to a friend, I worry that I’m doing it because I subconsciously want more followers.

23) I’ve never used Twitter.

24) I really like even numbers with two digits.

25) Americans saying someone ‘made the goal’ in reference to ‘scoring a goal’ in soccer really annoys me; I know it’s derived from ‘making a field goal’ in the NFL, but they’re different sports!

26) I know some gay people, and they’ve not tried to destroy our society. Surprising, that.

27) I don’t immediately dislike right-wing extremists, as this stance does not necessarily lead to ignorance; anyone with an opinion who wants to share and discuss it is more than welcome to talk to me.

28) I immediately dislike about half of everything I say, in real life or on the Internet, but don’t take it back because I’m interested in how people react to hearing unexpected or even offensive things. I do edit my posts, but I change little as i am interested in peoples’ reactions to them. Does this make me a harsh person?

29) Watermelon-flavoured gum tastes awful but I can’t stop eating it.

30) Installing OS Mavericks was a good use of a school day.

31) I can only remember missing two days of school for illness in the last two years. And one of them was only a half-day.

32) I’m totally over and understanding of the fact that I have around 70 followers and ten views a day.

33) I think quite poorly of this blog as a bank of intelligent ideas and eloquent points, but very highly of it as a constructive and enjoyable pastime.


14 thoughts on “Thirty-Three Facts About Me

      1. My sister got me the mug from WH Smith in the ‘pointless rubbish’ aisle; other products there included a mullet and moustache ‘kit’. If you’re thinking of getting one, it takes a bit of getting used to, drinking out of a cube, and you have to get over the mental realisation that based on the position of the handle, you’ll have to put your lips over the pug’s face or its butt.

        And the list isn’t an even number because the lists are always in multiples of eleven (11, 22, now 33, then 44) because I like numerical alliteration more than I like even numbers.

          1. It is a UK store, and we have about four hundred thousand of them on every street. We could probably do with giving you guys a few of them to be honest, just to clear up some space.

            Also, does this mean you love the number 121, because it’s a multiple of 11 and it’s square root is also 11?

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