Awful Animal Jokes!

(this blog’s gone to the dogs)

1) Who’s the king of the hoppers? The kiss-my-grasshopper.

2) Why are sea mammals so depressed? They have no porpoise (sorry Khyan).

3) Why don’t I try to make friends with hedgehogs? In case I rub them the wrong way.

4) What do you call a long-necked animal that wakes you up in the morning? A llama.

5) Why do caves encourage violence? They’re full of bats.

6) I just got a pet mole; you probably haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty underground.

7) What kind of hood comes out at night? A c-owl.

8) You know what they say about jokes about Winnie The Pooh’s name: they’re unbearable.

9) Those mice don’t belong to me, they must be your-ce.

10) What did one seabird say to another as a ball was thrown at them? Duck!

11) What do you call an insect that has sex with strangers in car parks? A doggerpillar.

12) What do pandas say when they’re confused? ‘I’m bamboozled’.

13) You’ve got to hand it to dung beetles, they’ve got the balls for anything.

14) What do you call a group of racially insensitive ducks? The Ku Kwacks Klan.

15) These jokes suck? For fox sake.


Khyan’s Deep Thoughts


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