What Is ‘2000’?

(perhaps I should ask Philomena Cunk?)

1) The year I struggle to believe some people were actually born after.

2) The number of Attack or Defence points a YuGiOh card should have before being a level six.

3) A distance in metres that isn’t as long as it seems at first.

4) A power level that would not surprise Vegeta.

5) An amount of money in pounds that isn’t as much as it seems at first. And an amount of money in Yuan that really isn’t as much as it seems full stop.

6) The highest number you can count up to if you suck at maths.

7) The point at which the number of bullet-points becomes excessive for a bullet-point style post.

8) The number of pieces I break the average rubber into as I use it.

9) A means of expressing ‘eight pm’ for people in the military, or who dislike colons.

10) The point at which the number of lines in a poem makes that poem agonisingly long. Unless your name is Dante Alighieri.

11) The number of times I’ve told myself to play Pokemon Y more since I got it for Christmas; I’m still on the first damn gym.

12) The number of yards Trent Richardson will never rush for for the Colts in his career, let alone in one season.

13) The number of pictures of sloths on my computer.

14) The number of people that were said to have been killed by the Stalin regime in the Soviet Union, minus 2000, within that very regime.

15) The number of views on this blog. Thanks for paying attention to my narcissism and pathetic attempts to be amusing for more than fifteen seconds.


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