Speed Blogging

(like the Road Runner. But with fewer Coyotes)

This may be a topic I’ve covered before, or at least touched upon, but as a result of overestimating the time it would take me to do the thing I needed to do earlier this evening, I now have exactly ‘not enough time’ in which to write today; and don’t tell me I shouldn’t write if it’s not comfortable or enjoyable, because I have a streak longer than most teenagers’ relationships to keep up, and I need some consistency in my jigsaw of a life.

I’ve been wondering (in the past few seconds, admittedly) of ways to reduce the time I spend on posts; I already have a broad distinction between ‘intelligent’ ideas, that can take up to 45 minutes and often include some conclusion on life or society, possibly drawing from literary examples and often drawing from personal ones, such as the one yesterday about the numericalisation of my viewers, and ‘filler’ ideas, that take 20-odd minutes to write and are usually 700 words drawn out about an initially limited topic, such as pockets.

However, there are ways to control time spent on a post within these distinctions: referencing a meme or another post of mine can add a few minutes, as I have to obtain relevant links, twice so I can include them in my pathetic attempt to be taken seriously that is the ‘Links’ bit at the bottom of the post that resembles a crap bibliography; and referencing anything more sophisticated like the Economist, as I’ve done in posts more specific than I have time to look up now, takes a few more minutes, as I have to select the most relevant piece of information from a choice of dozens.

Furthermore, passing references to videos or images that offer nothing to the overall point or message oft he post take time, and often a lot of it, as these are usually four-second clips of YouTube videos that I spend far too much time with, as I wind the timebar back and forth repeatedly until it’s in just the right place for my reference to work.

I often write posts at school, and will equally often want to refer to something that’s blocked by the China-style school Internet (I guess they’re afraid of us looking at porn in ICT lessons?), and so will have to make a note of it on the Word document I’m writing the post on (for WordPress is also blocked) in big red letters, saying ‘LINK TO …’, as I often know the exact video to which I want to refer to. This all means that a theoretically 31-minute post becomes a 35-minute post in total, as the minute I take to write a reminder to link to a thing is then reinforced by another four minutes of shutting the school computer down, starting my home computer up in the evening, and then finding the damn link, before copying everything over into the WordPress ‘Add New Post’ bit. What a palaver.

Today is additionally stressful, as I’m not writing frantically to avoid a late night, an event that only impacts me, but I am writing to generate time to eat and get the bus up to my weekly football session, which relies on other people: if I’m late for either of these things, my sister will eat later, and my teammates will have to wait for a bit.

Ultimately, these ‘delays’ will total about four minutes, but in a society where we’ll be able to download a movie in a second pretty soon, those few minutes matter, and they are a few extra minutes I spend writing that I might not usually.


5G in South Korea!


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