Lend Them Your Ears!

The Red Room’s Red Wednesdays Podcast

This little shoutout does not constitute today’s post, which will come later this evening; you can tell this isn’t really a ‘post’ because I didn’t include the capital letter-less bold-texted and bracketed subtitle I always use otherwise! This shoutout is for The Red Room who, as is customary, is putting on a gig in celebration of International Women’s Day; you could go along to it if you want, but seeing as the majority of my audience these days comes from the US or Singapore, that might be logistically difficult and practically expensive (but I think the gig is free, if that helps).

However, the 90-minute performance can be listened to, for free, over here, on a site that also functions as their weekly ‘Red Wednesdays’ program, which is totally not a Communist recruiting broadcast. Also, they’re official enough to have their own URL, which is more than can be said for my own ‘Check me out I’m on WordPress lol’ web address.

The program starts at 7pm GMT, which is 2pm if you’re in the city of New York, 6am if you live in Sydney, and 3am if you’re a penguin living on the south-eastern bit of Antarctica; I don’t know The Red Room’s policy on penguin listeners, but I’m sure they won’d mind if you tune it.

Normal, society-hating and self-undermining posts will resume this evening.


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