I’m A Getting-Up Rebel

(after declaring myself to be a ‘bed-time rebel’ in another post, I would appear to be declaring all-out war on the very concept of chronology on this blog)

Mornings are hard, right? Wrong.

Thanks to my previously-discussed system of going to bed far too bloody early, I am rarely tired the next day. This morning, I encountered another benefit of that system, that my alarm never disturbs my sleep because, by the time it pings at six, I’ve already had eight and a half hours of sleep, so I’m getting up already. Today, I woke up completely of my own accord at five, and could lie in bed for forty-five minutes, and leisurely tumble out of bed, and still have gotten up ‘early’.

I was also particularly creative at this point in the morning, tapping no fewer than six ideas into the note entitled ‘Blog Ideas’ I keep on my iPod, this post being one of them; perhaps I should start going to be even earlier, so I can get up earlier and have more half-asleep creative time in the morning.

But, I realise that this is a relatively hollow achievement; unlike going to bed earlier, which offers genuine sleep-based health benefits, getting up an hour before I would normally isn’t inherently helpful; if I get into a habit of doing this, it’s more likely to just throw my body clock out of whack even more.

Also, it’s not like I do anything particularly constructive in the mornings. I used to love getting up early to flick through various social networks, as this was the only time I could make for such frivolities, and watch the day’s new Chuggaaconroy, College Humor, Stupid Mario Brothers of Stephenvlog video. Now, however, I don’t have as many things to do: I’m fear I’ve grown too old for Chuggaa (but not yet The Runaway Guys), CH has sucked ever since Sarah left, SMB ended a few years back and I’ve completed the Stephenvlog journey.

As a result, I now spend half an hour on Facebook and WordPress in the morning, then sit listening to old Courage My Love or Offspring songs for literally an hour before it’s time to leave. I feel I could spend this time more constructively, like sleeping.

But the alternative, to sleep later and lie in a bit, is equally nonsensical; I’ll still have the same number of ‘I can’t do anything’ hours (because there’s not enough time at these points to write or read anything), I’ll just be struggling to fill them in the evening while I’m tired, rather than the morning when I’m invigorated by waffles.

I’m also concerned that my excessive early-rising is annoying my family, although they’re far too polite to say anything about it; my Mum drives me to the bus stop every morning, and so she feels compelled to wake up at the same time I do so she can take me in good time, despite the fact that she stays up three hours later than I do basically every night.

So while you people are off annoying your families by stretching your sleep schedules as late as you can, I’m pissing them off by waking up too early and not having enough online distractions to waste my time with. Cry me a frakking river.


I’m A Bed-Time Rebel


5 thoughts on “I’m A Getting-Up Rebel

  1. I am a morning rebel too. I am currently on spring break, so technically I can sleep all day. My body woke me up at the “late” hour of 8 (no alarm). I got up, did yoga, took a shower, made breakfast and then decided to go back to doing nothing in bed. It probably bothered my roommate too…

    1. I know what you mean – I can’t get up later than seven, even if I try. I can stay in bed for a bit, but I won’t actually be asleep.

      I’d say well done more than anything – you managed to be both constructive, and totally lazy!

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