I Have No Idea What To Write

(he says, while writing)

Okay, that title’s a bit of a lie; I had one idea, that involved innuendos we find in the computer world, but I wasn’t happy with the final draft to want to publish it (who says you can’t write every day and still have some control over quality?), and I still have that iPod note full of ideas. I suppose a better way to phrase it would be that I have no ‘appropriate’ ideas.

Essentially, I have lots of ideas that I like, and feel I could write a decent post out of, but I want to do them justice; I thought about exploring why I like the genres of music I do, despite them suggesting different and perhaps contradictory ideals (rap is almost inherently egotistical, while punk focuses on the power of the collective), but such a post would require research: I’d have to find examples of each genre and band I like, that I feel are representative of each musical style, and try to compare them on both a musical, and lyrical level, because both are as important as each other in creating meaning.

Furthermore, that post would have to be linked back to me, and my opinions, but also leads naturally into asking you why you enjoy what you do, and if I can reach judgements about people’s tastes in music, and the reasons for them, in general.

And that was a little too much for a Thursday evening, in which I’ve spent two hours watching Tottenham be unceremoniously dumped out of the equally unceremonious Europa League – I wanted to write that post, but wasn’t willing to commit to writing it as well as it could be.

This is the precise reason that people argue that quality and quantity are mutually exclusive; in my pursuit of maintaining my streak of daily posts, I have shunned a potential insightful and personal idea in favour of another generic self-reflectory post, in which I lament my prioritisation of some ideals over others, entirely at my own choosing, yet leave with no conclusions to improve upon my crappy love for my streak, leaving the entire post feeling a bit reflective, but ultimately hollow in terms of actually making a difference.

Like the possession dominance and lack of finishing that’s plagues Tottenham’s season all year.

I also don’t want to repeat ideas; I understand that this blog is an intrinsically personal thing, and so the opinions reflected in it are my real ones, and therefore subject to change as I discover the actualities of that far-off-for-a-student concept of ‘real life’, but any changes to my views on the evilness of prams are likely to be superficially irrelevant – that post was just a sarcastically-amusing filler, so its accuracy and up-to-date-ness have no bearing on your life, and so surely don’t need to be maintained?

Therefore, I don’t want to ‘waste’ a good idea about genres of music, seeing as I’ll never write about it again, on a day when a ‘filler’ post could be banged out in half an hour instead; I’ll save those thoughtful pieces for the weekend, and perhaps Wednesdays, when I have the time to put in an appropriate amount of work.

So I just wrote a post about why I’m not writing another post; it’s that sort of mind-blowing analysis that got me my 144-odd followers 🙂


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