No Post Today

(and it’s not even Sunday)

Sorry about that, but I had a two-and-a-half hour mock exam today, and am appropriately brain dead. I fear this will be indicative of tomorrow’s (lack of a) blog post, as I have two exams that day, and my Summer exams in general, where the June 6 – June 16 stretch is likely to be a fortnight of ‘Dear Jesus, what is advection fog?!’

Also, I’m aware that I’ve done a few of these ‘anti-posts’, in which I tell you there’s no post today, and I’am also painfully aware that I’m doing it just to keep my streak of daily posts going. So don’t other pointing out what a single-minded non-creative I am, for prioritising arbitrary streaks over mental relaxation and written intelligence and clarity, because I’m already in the process of branding that to my forehead.

Or chest; my forehead’s not that big.


5 thoughts on “No Post Today

      1. Yeah, my knowledge of weather consists of whether or not I need to wear pants/boots for the stated temperature (Fahrenheit only).

        BUT I do know when to use whether vs. weather, so that’s something.

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