Madden Crashed


Sorry, no meaningful post today because I tried to marathon the last third of the season to get to the Superbowl on Madden 25 with my Oakland Raiders (its 2017, we’re a decent team now), and I was about to, but it crashed after the AFC Championship (a resounding 35-10 win over Buffalo), so I had to replay the game (which I won by a slightly less resounding 41-31). Now, I have to have tea, have a bath, then watch MasterChef before bed, meaning I’m exactly one match short of completing the 2017 season; were it not for the crash, I could have easily written about my glorious triumph in fictional Superbowl LII, or my painful defeat in that game.

So blame my PS3 for the fact that this isn’t a depressingly detailed rundown of my awesome Oakland squad; or thank it, if you don’t like daft sports or their even dafter virtual representations.


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