Food Packages Are Anti-Diabetic

(it’s political correctness gone sane!)

I understand that Diabetes, of either type, is not a racial, sexual or social group, and so you’d think it can’t be discriminated against; this idea is limited: you can discriminate against left-handedness, the most practically ineffectual distinction between people, so you can be anti-Diabetic.

Essentially, I have to calculate the mass of carbohydrate in everything I eat, so I can take an injection of insulin; my body cannot produce insulin, the hormone that takes glucose out of your blood and stores it, and so I need to inject it. Too much insulin will leave me tired, as I have too little sugar in my blood, and too little insulin will lead to there being a lower concentration of useful things (like oxygen) in my blood as the glucose will take up all the space. Therefore, I need to know carbohydrate values to quite a precise degree.

However, not all food packages include this information; they all include vague ‘ingredients’ sections, which must be present by law so that people with allergies are protected, but many products, especially the loose muffins and doughnuts one can obtain easily from M&S after 8pm on a weekday when they knock the prices down of all their about-to-expire food, do not go further and include the ‘nutrition’ table, which shows the mass of carbs, fats and proteins in food.

I find it unfair that allergy-sufferers are protected by food packaging, while we Diabetics are forced to scrabble around online, searching for second-hand recipes and by-the-eye estimations from people with absolutely no qualifications in food preparation.

What’s arguably more annoying are those packages that include nutritional information, but in a crappy way: they will give carb values for 100g of a thing only, despite the fact that the product itself weighs an inconveniently exact 384.72g, forcing me to undertake so-called ‘maths’ to work out the actual mass of carbs I’ve eaten.

I honestly don’t mind maths from a boredness perspective, especially considering its often basic multiplication, but it could be problematic given my near-total inability to do basic arithmetic; I can’t help my sister with her GCSE maths exams, despite the fact that I got an A in it just two years ago, suggesting I’m losing all knowledge of numbers faster than the average British person did after the Romans buggered off and took all that ‘culture’ and ‘learning’ with them.

What makes it worse is that fact that I keep a food diary, so I know roughly what I’m eating, that does not have space for masses of food, so I’ll often go randomly high one evening without an explanation, as the diary suggests that I ate rice as I normally do, and so my dosage of insulin should have been fine; in fact, I ate twice as much rice as normal, and that first dosage was only worked out through trial and error, so I’ve totally miscalculated without realising it, as I’ll basically guess a number and dial that into my Novopen.

And the fact that no-one else has complained about this – no dieters, allergy-sufferers or fitness nuts – would suggest that the information provided on food packages is sufficient for every food-related group in the world, other than Diabetics. This is a gross injustice, and I demand more information to be supplied on packages; this ideal is also likely to be considered by wider society, given the recent lull in international political activity (apart from Ukrainian Separatism and the apparent renewal of the Cold War, Scottish Independence, the biannual rise of the eternally meme-able Nigel Farage, the Religious and Social bombshell of the kidnapping of 200-odd Nigerian schoolgirls, and supposedly important ‘cultural’ events like the Met Ball and the announcement of World Cup squads).

Now if you don’t mind, I need to go bitch at some banana peels for not including nutritional information. Even nature is anti-Diabetic.


2 thoughts on “Food Packages Are Anti-Diabetic

  1. Move to the U.S. Nutritional information is required on pretty much all food packaging here.

    Of course, you’d probably then consume way more carbohydrates seeing as we add too much sugar/corn syrup/etc. to everything.

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