Sitting On My Arse, Staring At Screens

(that title could be the epitome of teenage life, no?)

By the end of today, I will have watched The Fault In Our Stars movie in the cinema (whoever does that, anymore?), Argentina – Switzerland, and Belgium – USA, meaning I will have spent a total of six hours, five minutes exclusively watching screens, a worrying amount of time considering that I only plan to be out of bed for twelve hours.

This isn’t really abnormal for a teenager, but the passivity of these actions concerns me; I normally spend my hours watching a screen playing Football Manager, not watching a screen whose displays aren’t affected by my actions. And I wonder if this is just circumstance – there are two games on every day or so this month, and deciding to watch TFiOS was more of a spur-of-the-moment thing than a conscious decision – or if I’m getting lazy; I can’t even focus on video games any more, I have to focus on basic video.

And the rapid pace of pre-film trailers, and the fact that I knew what would happen in TFiOS and so had formed all the strong opinions I was going to form before I saw the film, means that I had little time or capacity for reflections of the videos I saw; I’m writing this post while watching the Argentina game, so I’m not really watching or forming opinions on that.

Today’s been a bit of a squib in that sense; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the things I’ve done, but I’ve not really been actively involved in any of them – I didn’t even get up until eleven. So I suppose I’ll bugger off to watch the game, and wait for my laptop to be delivered tomorrow, because frantically refreshing the UPS Tracking page is more enjoyable than forcing out a blog post I’m not really focused on.

Sorry about that.


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