The New Writing Format Sucks

(sorry, WordPress)

I like to moan about things and, while I hate to criticise a platform that lets people all over the world read my views on things, without demanding any sort of monetary compensation or sexual favours in return, I would like to highlight some of the problems with the new post-writing format.

There were once two options to publish a new post on WordPress; you could click the ‘New Post’ button in the top-right corner, which would take you to a simple, ‘here’s a box for a title, here’s a box for a main body’ window, which I used for my first few posts. The alternative was to go into the ‘My Blog’ tab, and select ‘Add a New Post’ from there, which gave you far more options regarding publishing a post; you could add categories and tags, for instance.

And I preferred that second method, as it gave far more control over the stuff you were publishing; I accept that some may prefer the relative ease of the former method, but I don’t mind learning a new, relatively complex way of doing thing. Also, I write every day, so it makes sense for me to learn the best method possible for constructing and publishing posts, because otherwise there’d be a systematic problem with my blog, like none of my posts would have tags or something.

I’d even found the more detailed method of writing easy to use after a few weeks, so the ‘disadvantage’ of that method having too many bells and whistles to be easy to use wasn’t really applicable for me.

But the largest problem is that there is a lack of choice; those who wanted more control over their posts could have it, and those who didn’t want the extra fuss and clutter could write without it. Now, I have to use a writing format that doesn’t include features like a word count, which is kinda important to me, as I’ll often write a thousand words on here, and have to cut it down so it’s not painfully dull and verbose to read; now I have to judge the length of my posts by eye, which is made harder by the apparent lack of a ‘Preview Post’ button, which I’d imagine would be even more annoying for people who regularly publish posts with pictures.

But I can’t moan too much; this site made me the top result on Google for ‘geography pick up lines’, so it’s doing something right.


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