I Lost My Ideas … Again.


Five months ago, this happened, and I deleted the note on my iPod Touch that contained all of my blog ideas, a rich tapestry of half-baked concepts and daft suggestions that could be formulated into a few coherent pieces of prose through frequent links to YouTube videos and Tumblr gifs. Having rebuilt that note from scratch, and coming up with upwards of thirty ideas, I’ve gone and done it again.

Only this time, it was intentional; this was not a piece of blogging sadomasochism, or an attempt to do a nuzlocke run of WordPress, where I force myself to come up with a new idea every day, instead of just typing up an old one each afternoon, but it was simple idiocy. In syncing my iPod to my new laptop, and bringing my music, podcast, wallpaper and Football Manager collection over to the new computer, I ‘restored’ my iPod, returning it to the factory settings, so I could link it to the laptop.

I hadn’t realised that my iPod didn’t come with a month of blog ideas already saved on it when it came out of the box, which is really more a fault of Apple’s than mine.

I also lost other bits of information, like the dates of some gigs that I’d like to go to (or not, as I’ve accidentally scheduled a family visit on that day, after checking my now-empty calendar for free weekends, forcing me to pick family commitments over promises to friends), and the birthday of a friend of mine; the latter fact is not as important, as I can look it up on Facebook, but I’d had his, and only his, birthday, saved on my iPod for the last three years, and so its accidental removal felt a bit like the end of an era.

I had to reset my background, passcode, auto-lock settings and apps too, all of which I hadn’t considered before, suggesting that I was so swept off my feet by the prospect of blogging on the sofa, and not at a desk, that I completely ignored the practical realities of such an undertaking; I know that people can be rather short-sighted, and borderline greedy, when new, flashy things are put in front of them, but I didn’t think I would fall to such idiocy so soon in my life, and for something that doesn’t actually make that much of a difference to me.

This is why ‘the cloud’ as a quasi-religious, universal online storage facility, that’s so integrated into all new computers these days that it’s probably got more people involved in it than the Catholic Church, the Wu-Tang Clan, and the Manson Family put together; one can access one’s files from anywhere, as opposed to having to migrate documents from one machine to another, with all the grace and efficiency of a neanderthal trying to bring warmth to multiple caves at once by picking the fire up and carrying it to each cave in turn.

The irony, of course, is that my loss of ideas has created a new idea, this very post. Or maybe not, because this post is a rip-off of another post I wrote with the same inspiration; perhaps you can only trade in a loss of ideas for a ‘new’ idea once, and I’m just scraping the barrel for ideas at this point.

On the other hand, I finished the second book in Amanda Downum’s Necromancer Chronicles yesterday, so it’s not all bad.


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