Where The Hell Is My Inspiration?

(its probably hiding in those Where’s Wally books I had as a child but never finished; curse you, Martin Handford!)

I like to think that I blog about things that happen to me in my life – the occasional tangent discussing books and music albums aside – which has led to a problem during this Summer Holiday, the first time I’ve ever had two months off from school, or any of my regular activities: my life isn’t that interesting.

I am doing things this summer – I try to run almost every day, read a hundred pages of a book a day, and watch about half a season of Game of Thrones instead of sleeping – but none of these things make for particularly good blogging topics, apart from episode reviews, which would be horribly out-dated and require more effort to make sophisticated than I’m bothered to put in, or analysis of my running times, which would, by definition, be so niche that my whole ‘write about anything’ aim would be ignored.

And so I’m presented with a common problem among content creators, whose creations are closely related to their real lives: does the art define the life, or does the life define the art? If I were to go bungee jumping, or ice skating, or even swimming, because these things are unusual for me, just so I could write a blog post about them, does that not prioritise the content of a blog few people read on the Internet over the free will and desire of my own life? Shouldn’t I do stuff because I want to, and draw those events together each afternoon to inspire a blog post? Probably, but there just aren’t many thing happening in my life to be drawn together into posts.

One solution would be to cut down on the number of posts, so if I have one good idea a week, I should post once, not wade through six days of turgid nonsense before writing that idea up. But this creates an amusing paradox, that instead of improving my blog in summer, where I have more time to devote to it, I would be undermining it, because I have too much time on my hands; I love idiocy, but that’s too much even for me.

And I’m not willing to narrow my opportunities to do stuff this summer just to entertain you slightly more effectively (sorry babe, its not you its me) – if I want to do a particularly dull, individual thing that no-one else would enjoy, I’m going to do it, dammit!

Alternatively, one could see this lack of inspiration as an incentive to lead a more interesting life, or at least a life more relatable for other people; if I have a choice between going to a theme park, or getting a haircut, I am more likely to be tempted by the former, considering that I want to write about my day that evening, and currently have no ideas to write about. But that has failed spectacularly, as I’ve only left the house this summer to run, apart from a single afternoon spent watching the Tour De France, and another spent watching some friends put on a gig; I suppose I’m too stupid for such subtleties to work on me.

But I’m happy with the life I’m living, even if I think it won’t make good blog material; I’ve always found the difficulty of blogging daily to come from the need for constant inspiration, not a lack of time or eagerness, and this blog has been through some pretty dull patches in the past, but you’ve still Liked and Commented on posts, especially the ones that I thought were crap.

I started this blog for myself, but that motivation isn’t as important as it used to be; people find my posts entertaining, whether it’s one person, or even five, and whether they read six months of posts, or they follow me after reading one piece, and I never hear from them again. I think I need to stop writing just for myself; ideas that I think suck will often be funny for other people – like this post, that I thought was a filler, but quite a few people enjoyed – and this is why daily blogging is awesome: it’s like cooking a meal to people consisting of every ingredient known to man, even some that I dislike myself, but there’ll always be someone who likes a bit of it.

And you know you’ve been watching a lot of MasterChef when your go-to metaphors involve pizza.


4 thoughts on “Where The Hell Is My Inspiration?

  1. I have been struggling with something similar, but my posts were not as frequent as yours anyway. I have found that, because my life is genuinely quite dull, I can solve the problem by not writing about my own life, and instead making up a load of utter bollocks and passing it off as ‘satire’. (Basically like The Onion/Daily Mash)

    That is not the point of your blog, obviously. But what I really think would help is if you could draw inspiration from sources that aren’t dependent on you having some miraculously interesting life, like what you said about the Game of Thrones reviews. Perhaps you can take this time to experiment with different blog styles and find one that suits you the most?

    1. But then I’d only be writing about a few topics – I could do a week of Game of Thrones-related posts, but that would screw people that hadn’t seen the show. I write about myself not because I’m egotistical (I think) but because a lot of people can relate to the things that I do, like seeing a weird bloke with a bouncy ball by a bus stop – no prior knowledge of bus stops or bouncy balls are required to enjoy that post.

      And I’d hardly be original in blogging about Game of Thrones; I’m still two seasons behind everyone else, and I don’t think I can discuss anything that others haven’t already thought of – I guess I’d rather be original (in writing about the things I do) than necessarily interesting (in writing more meaningful things that other people have a;ready said).

      But what are these mystical ‘blog styles’ you refer to? They sound more fun than varying the content of my blog.

      1. I didn’t mean Game of Thrones specifically >.<

        I don't really know, I think that's basically what I meant. You know how some people specifically focus on personal diary posts, while others have blogs that focus primarily on book/film reviews? I think that's what I meant, maybe… but it was late when I wrote that comment. So shh…

        1. I didn’t mean Game of Thrones specifically either – I just meant that a single topic for a long period of time wouldn’t be relatable for a lot of people.

          And don’t worry, I thought I broke my Nan’s laptop today, but it only ran out of batteries – I flapped for 20 minutes trying to fix it, and she just walked in, plugged it in, and walked out again. This was at eleven in the morning, so I’m cool with tired confusion at any time of the day.

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