The Weather Is Hot

(conversing about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative, anyone?)

It’s not just hot today, but painfully so: I’ve apparently developed heat-related heart pains; had to roll the car windows down to avoid melting, drowning out my music; and I’ve gone an afternoon without wearing socks for the first time since about 1998. Also, it took me about five minutes to formulate and type out that opening sentence, suggesting I’m suffering from some sort of heatstroke.

And don’t tell me that British people are never happy about the weather – you complain when it’s too hot, you complain when it’s too cold – we are often happy with the weather, especially the windy periods of March and April, when winter is finally starting to sod off and it stays light until about four in the afternoon; we can be very content with the climate, as long as its a pretty of bland one. But too hot or too cold, and we’re up in arms about it.

I dislike the heat more, because one can compensate for coldness – by putting on more clothes, turning up the heating, burning faeces – whereas one cannot for warmness – I’m currently wearing one layer of clothing, and lack the self confidence to not wear a shirt, and we have central heating, not air conditioning.

Heat also makes it uncomfortable to run, whereas the cold is soon forgotten about as your muscles start to exercise, or even do anything; hot, stifling days make activity in general difficult and slow, whereas cooler days make it harder to start doing things, but once you begin a 5K, they really don’t get in your way. And I’m fine doing a thing once I’ve started, it’s just the starting that can be difficult; I can read a Dark Tower novel in a week, but it could take a fortnight of mental preparation beforehand.

On the other hand, I’ve been writing for a while now, but am finding it difficult to continue because of the heat and general feeling of lethargy that comes with it; and Id really like to tell you that I’m going to go and start on my university reading list, continue looking for a summer job, or write more of my novel, but I’m just going to lie around and watch old YouTube videos.

I’d make a joke about going to Hell for this, but I’m genuinely too afraid of the heat at this point.


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