I Need A Job

(you know you’re nuts when you try to spend your longest ever summer holiday working)

The problem with studying English is that it doesn’t logically lead into a career – medics become doctors, economists become bankers etc – and so looking for a part-time summer job as a potential English student is a bit tricky; ideally, I’d like to write novels, but authoring isn’t really something you can do an internship in  (I’m hardly going to follow a writer around their house as they type silently onto a computer, and gain anything from it, am I?).

And the other logical jobs for English graduates – publishers, editors etc – are often quite important positions within a larger company, where a successful application rests as much on one’s experience as it does one’s degree; I, as a kid with no university experience and a blog, will have no chance applying for these jobs.

The only ones related to publishing or writing are proofreading jobs, which probably pay poorly (its perhaps indicative of the money involved in these jobs that wages aren’t even specified on job sites) and focus on the technical, accurate, side of writing, as opposed to the creative one, which I would enjoy more.

But I suppose that’s the point; no-one walks into a perfect job, or even into what their idyllic dream of a ‘perfect job’ consists of, and if I want to write my own stuff for a living one day, I’ll probably have to read over someone else’s stuff first. The problem is that this is far too logical for me; I’m young, hopeful and stupid – I want to go to university for something I enjoy, and worry about paying for it in the next three decades when I’ll be old and realistic. Looking for a job has been a rather rude awakening, after eighteen years of (relatively) sheltered and self-contained academic work; the work I’ve done for school has only mattered within school, and hasn’t had any immediate bearing on my wallet – it’s not like I’d get paid £100 for every A I got.

On the other hand, I really want a job, hence the use of ‘need’ in the title, not just for the cash, but for the purpose; playing FM is fun, and reading Dante is useful, but both of those are individual tasks, and ones that are done in a vacuum – whether I read one canto of Paradise today or two won’t have any bearing on the lives of others, and will hardly be a topic for discussion with my friends.

I will, therefore, have a choice of my priority in finding a job: how well it pays, my interest in the field, and whether there will be cool people to work with; I’d have dismissed that last one as sentimental drivel a few months ago, but I honestly know my Karlstad squad on FM better than I know some of my real-life ‘friends’, so the need for people to talk to at work has become rather more important recently.

But regardless of my priorites, i need to decide now; today is July 23rd, and I’ve got another two months or so until university begins. This is a lot of time that needs filling, and a lot of time has passed where companies are looking for empty-scheduled teenagers to stack shelves all summer; The Student Room recommends looking for jobs as early as February for frak’s sake.

And whatever I do, I’ll keep you folks posted. Unless I can start making money off this blog, at which point I will give up looking for a conventional job and start uploading five posts a day to squeeze enough money out of this blog to convince myself this counts as a ‘real job’.

Oh the joys of being an adult.


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