Awful Name Puns In Books And Film

(bit of a clunky title there)

Isaac – The Fault In Our Stars

The character of Isaac in John Green’s awesome young adult novel first has a glass eye, and ends up completely blind by the end of the novel; his name appears to be a rather foul pun, if you look at it as ‘Eye-saac’.

Felix Gaeta – Battlestar Galactica

It is revealed in the webisodes that Galactica’s Lieutenant was involved in a brief relationship with communications Louis Hoshi, another male character, and so it’s no real surprise that Felix’s surname is pronounced ‘Gay-ter’.

The Manni – Wolves of the Calla

Admittedly, I’m only halfway through Stephen King’s novel, but the Manni-folk have already been introduced; they are a large family group, which explains why their name is rather similar to ‘many’. Also, only male members of the clan have been introduced so far, with the only female member being shunned from the group, which justifies the first syllable that reads ‘Man’.

Asheris al Seth – The Necromancer Chronicles series

Appearing in two of the three books in Amanda Downum’s series, the political advisor wields powerful fire spells, and once things are burned they turn to ash, as in ‘Ash-eris’. Also his surname ‘al Seth’ is rather similar to ‘al se’, which is Spanish for the verb ‘to be’, which is particularly relevant given the true nature of his identity, the reveal of which is of great importance at the end of the first novel.

Michal Fairfax – Extinction

Ray Hammond’s enviro-pocalypse novel (basically a more intelligent and realistic version of the film 2012) includes American lawyer Michael Fairfax as its main character; it’s no surprise that a character whose profession focuses around fair judgements has a name starting with ‘fair’. It’s also important considering that he’s such a reasonable and rational individual, outside of his career.


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