I Didn’t Watch Women’s Sport Today

(yup, this count as ‘interesting’ in my life right now)

Today, La Course – the women’s version of the Tour De France, a 2-hour race that lasts over one day and is only rendered not patronising by the fact that there are literally no other cycling opportunities for women outside of the Olympics – and Arsenal Ladies versus Notts County ladies in the WSL were both on TV, and I watched neither of them.

I’m not uninterested in women’s sport now – because I’m into men’s sport, so there’s no reason for me to suddenly dislike women’s sport – but I just decided to do other things, such as run, or play Cycling Manager. Also, I’ve neglected to watch men’s sporting events – like the entirety of the Olympics that doesn’t involve cycling – in favour of playing video games for myself, prioritising individual action over the more passive pastime of watching other people.

I guess that I regard women’s sport the same way I do men’s; I neither reject women’s sport – women are weaker than men so their sport is less competitive and less enjoyable! – nor am aggressively supportive of it – we need to show support for this struggling industry, in spite of actually wanting to watch events, or having the time or means to do so! – which is a bit of a surprise for people that I try to get into women’s sports: some assume that it’s obligatory to become a super-fan of new things to be involved in them, which is simply untrue.

So I’m trying to take women’s sport seriously as a form of entertainment, a form that sometimes I want to watch, and I sometimes don’t. And while this approach won’t help the industry develop in the short term – there’ll be one less viewer, and one less WSL match report on the Internet – I think it will be more constructive in the long-term, where we see women’s sport as a sport, and not something intrinsically different to the existing mainstream, largely male, sporting world.


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