Pinky And Satan

(if I could sing I’d make a song out of this)

This post is inspired entirely by the Pinky and The Brain theme song, and my reading of the first thirteen pages of Milton’s Paradise Lost, where Satan appears like the scheming, calculating Brain, while Beezlebub is reduced to asking him what they are going to do tonight.

Note: ‘Beelze’ is pronunced bee-el-zee, and is shortened from ‘Beezlebub’ to fit with the rhythm of the song.

Beelze: Gee Satan, what do you want to do tonight?

Satan: The same thing we do every night, Beelze: try to take over the heavens.


They’re Beelze and Satan,

Yes Beelze and Satan,

One’s the lord of darkness,

The other asks questions.

They’re fallen cherubim,

For God they’ve got it in.

They’re scary

They’re Beelze and Satan, -an, -an, -an, -an,

-an, -an, -an, -an.


Before Last Judgement comes,

To show that they’ve not learned,

God’s punishment they’ll reject,

And take over God’s world.


They’re Beelze and Satan,

Yes, Beelze and Satan.

Their vengeful campaign

By Milton is explained.


To prove their Maker wrong,

They’ll attack before too long,

They’re scary

They’re Beelze and Satan, -an, -an, -an, -an,

-an, -an, -an.



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