Triple Multi-Tasking!

(my God…)

The idea that only women can multi-task is about as accurate as the idea that black people can’t vote (dammit history!) and I’ve regularly multi-tasked, from reading The Fault In Our Stars while stirring a pot of soup in scenes that closely resembled a cut-down version of the next three years of my life at university, to playing Football Manager while listening to Eminem. But today I surpassed all prior experiences, by playing Madden 25, while watching Naruto, while talking to a friend on Facebook – I’m like the multi-armed god Vishnu, only with less omnipotence.

I found that my enjoyment of each of the activities was slightly hampered though: I didn’t understand the plot of the Naruto episode, was 17-7 down to the Broncos at halftime on Madden (in a future where, by 2019, my Raiders are Superbowl champions and the Broncos have drafted their second first-round QB in three years), and accidentally blanked my friend for twenty minutes or so. It seems, therefore, that I have a limit to my multi-tasking, which means that it can be improved through training.

I should start with relatively mindless activities – turn the difficulty on Madden down a bit and blast through ten games, winning most of the comfortably because of my squad of Pro Bowlers, for instance. Then, I’ll play for longer, until I’m fully comfortable marathoning three activities at once.

Then, I can move on to more mentally engaging activities, such as replacing Madden with Football Manager, where you can’t solve all your problems by holding R2 and going on 80-yard QB sneaks with your drafted quarterback with 92 SPD. I could change the activities altogether, replacing a social one – Facebook – with a musical one – listening to my iPod. Soon, I’m sure I’ll be able to juggle three activities at once, regardless of their duration, nature, or demands of focus from my brain.

Of course, all this scheming is quite clear evidence that I’m rather done with summer now; I’ve had my break, and now I have little more to do than not only goof off, but I’m so bored I have to do so in ways that make it harder to goof off. I might be a nutcase, or just really pathetic, but I for one can’t wait to get August over and move on to university.

Ask me if I’m so eager in three day’s time though, once my exam results are published and I’ll know if I’m actually going or not.


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