I Could Piss You Off

(I’m like a god of minor irritation)

I’m pro-gay marriage. I find the gun rights argument morally and practically repulsive. I am not only unfazed by, but am pretty glad to see that, aborted foetuses are often burned. I could have written a post about any of these issues and more, but I won’t, largely because I don’t feel like being a dick today (a statement that I accept makes me look like a bit of a dick).

On one level, I’m not bothered to research these ideas in any meaningful way; these are issues that affect many people, and so should be researched before any judgements are made about them, and the majority of my other posts are personal or anecdotal, and I don’t want to make an additional effort. Also, people can hold very strong opinions about these debates, whereas they are less likely to regarding my geography pickup lines, and so plunging into a post about them would expose myself on a pretty personal level, as my opinions would lack the conviction to be anything less than totally invalid. It would be like charging into battle on horseback, but with your cock out.

But mostly, I don’t want to create conflict, an idea that may surprise some of my friends (for the record, I’m normally passive on this one – I don’t seek to avoid, or create, conflict, and people can react however the Hell they want). I’m up for an argument as much as the next small-scale blogger with an inflated ego, but considering I have control over the general areas of discussion in these posts, I don’t really want to encourage people to start shouting at me in the comments. If I want an argument, I’ll just go on the Convervapedia, hit ‘random article’ a few times and let my blood boil to a nice simmer, before yelling at the nearest friend/relative/stranger/cat in anger.

Ultimately, life’s too short for conflict, and I mean ‘life’ as in the completion of one’s day-to-day tasks for 365 days of the year: the fantasy world of politics, where people are genuinely interested in their local governments to a larger extent than ‘how much do I get paid?’ every five years, is an exception, as is the slightly more tangible world of armchair philosophy, where debates can range from anything from football squads to feminism, but the intensity of discussion does not.

It’s very stressful and tiring to be constantly thinking of things that annoy you, or things that you disagree with, especially if there’s no-one to argue against, which leads to months of late nights plotting imaginary debates with high-profile opponents of your ideas, in which you outmanoeuvre them with your superior quick thinking without looking like a pretentious snob in the process. And if this blog is an extension of my own ideas and thoughts, it wouldn’t be a good idea to constantly harbour controversial ideas, just to blog about them later.

Equally, I assume that you don’t come here to be shouted at, or necessarily to have to think about complex issues, where there is often no ‘right’ solution, but apparently many ‘wrong’ ones; that sort of stuff usually happens in Guardian comment sections, not on WordPress.

Of course, some bloggers do go out of their way to annoy people in their posts and, to be honest, I kinda envy those guys – to have the energy and willpower to do that is frankly impressive. But it’s not for me, so while I might be an arse from time to time, I won’t try to push your buttons too often.

I might sometimes, though.


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