Hallelujah, The Old Writing Format Is Back!

(bit of a slow news day for me after Results Day yesterday)

I moaned, around a month ago, that the new way we write posts on WordPress is pretty awful and, I’m happy to report, that this problem has been overcome – we can now use the ‘classic editor’ to write posts using the old tools!

In reality, the difference wasn’t that great; the new format contained most of the tools of the old one, it was just a cleaner and more intuitive setup. I realised, over time, that a problem I had with the new format is that the word processor is located in its own bubble, it’s on a URL all by itself, whereas this old format can be navigated to from the Dashboard, making it easy to search for other posts, tags and categories, without straying too far from the word processor itself. Also, the new format didn’t include a word count, which massively irritated me as I had no idea how long my posts were, a lack of information compounded by the fact that I’d recently got a new computer, and so I was unfamiliar with the size of my screen, and therefore the sizes of paragraphs on it, meaning I could write for much longer or shorter than I intended without really realising it.

But I think we can all agree on the fact that it was my post, a post with a grand total of five views, three likes and no comments, that made the difference; that some powerful person within the WordPress hierarchy found my post, understood and appreciated my ideas, and put into place my preference for writing posts on the site. I feel that the fact that it took a month and a half is just a testament to how seriously they considered my request, and so reflects the length of time, and amount of effort, that they put into perfectly recreating the old format – it’s all here, right down to the slightly simpler and more useful ‘link’ function. Hell, they even listened to my main complaint about the system that there was a lack of choice, as we were all being forced to switch to the new system like the religious views of peasants in Tudor England, but now we can choose to use ‘classic editor’ if we so desire.

And I hate to toot my own horn over this, and I’m hardly the most educated on the subject, but I think I’m now the single most influential WordPress user in the history of the site; and I don’t mean to get ahead of myself here, but I’m now patiently awaiting the day that my next WordPress innovation is made into reality – me getting a crap-ton of money from this blog for no apparent reason, in an economic model that is no way sustainable for the site itself, or other users, and exists entirely to help me afford food while I’m at university.


13 thoughts on “Hallelujah, The Old Writing Format Is Back!

  1. Yep. The new format is super annoying. I always go to my dashboard in order to get to the classic format.

    It seems like anytime I don’t use a website for more than a week or two it goes off and gets “better” and I have to re-learn it.

        1. Try my solution – use a piece of machinery so outdated it can’t update any more, so you’ll never have to worry about it again. I’ve not been able to update the WordPress and Facebook apps on my iPod for about two years now, so they never change!

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