I Suck At Banking

(me failing to transfer credit information? You can bank on it)

Today, I eagerly began operation Actually Grow Up For A Week, in which I decided to buy, and cook, all of my own food for a week in an effort to gauge the extent of my impending student poverty; however, I went to check that my debit card worked by withdrawing a tenner from a cash machine before I entered the supermarket and, to my dismay, I had no idea what my PIN is.

And the bank will take 3-5 days to send a new one, so the plan has to be postponed for a week. Wonderful.

It’s not that I’m necessarily bad at remembering things (I know, like, four people’s birthdays for God’s sake), it’s just the sheer volume of bank-related bits of information I have to be across, like the ungodly difference between a security code, PIN security code, and online banking security code. I understand and appreciate the reasons for all this annoying security – the bank do give me a place to safely store money other than a locked box under my best defended by a small plushie Pikachu – but I’ve not been able to do anything about it: bits of paper get lost or scrawled over, iPod reminders got wiped once I got a new computer, and my pathetic ‘human memory’ is rather pitiful.

And I was going to say more but I got distracted by the Burnley – Chelsea game. Sorry about that.


10 thoughts on “I Suck At Banking

          1. That means I didn’t use it for so long that it “shut down”. My money is still there, but I have to put more money in the account to be able to use the debit card again. (It makes no sense to me).

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