I Have Poor Priorities

(like prioritising watching Naruto over writing this post at a reasonable time)

Sometimes, this blog reflects on things that have happened in my life; the fact that I write a post a day means there’s an even spread of interesting activities across the weeks and months, so I can give you updates sometimes, and other things other times. But sometimes two cool things happen in one day and, because two posts a day is like so much work, I’ll blog about one of them; today, I was going to write about my shiny new iPhone 5c, when I realised the topic I was discarding was the fact that I NOW HAVE A FULLY-OPERATIONAL INSULIN PUMP.

Honestly, this pump will change the way I live, literally forever; this new phone will let me look at CollegeHumor articles in a slightly wider range of places over my old iPod touch.

I often bitch about how people annoy me here as well, with the sort of sneering demeanour of a prick on the highest of horses, who can’t be criticised themselves because they’re aware of their more shallow flaws in an obnoxious, ultimately self-important sort of way; but today, I attached greater importance to a technological trinket than a life-saving piece of medical equipment, which is exactly the sort of thing I mock others for doing.

I suppose I should learn from this harrowing experience – next time on the James Patrick Casey blog, a roast of James by himself! – but instead of toning down my irrational hatred of my fellow human beings, because we all share the same flaws, I’m simply going to resolve to be a less obnoxious and narrow-minded person, a conclusion that isn’t made noble or just by the fact that I’m doing it to laugh at the rest of you with a bit more validity.

And that probably makes me a bad person, or at least a rigid and self-interested person, but that’s people; sometimes we suck, sometimes we’re awesome, and sometimes we blow each other to smithereens for no apparent reason – but I think we can all do these things with a little less hypocrisy.


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