Tiredness Confuses Me

(like why stamp collecting is interesting to some people)

Short post today, because I’m debilitatingly tired for reasons I’m about to explain; in getting an insulin pump, I’ve had to do blood tests every 2 hours for 48 consecutive hours and while I’ve gone to sleep for most of the last two nights, they’ve been badly interrupted by these tests and I tried to stay up all night the first night (instead of have a broken sleep), so I only got about five hours of sleep.

And it’s only now, hours after stopping the two-hour testing, that I’m feeling the effects of this; I understand that if I had less sleep I’ll be tired today, but I thought this fatigue would come sooner (i.e. yesterday), which it hasn’t. I felt a similar thing when I went to my dad’s work one day, which runs from 4am to 11am; I didn’t feel tired when I was working, or even when I got up at 2 in the morning, but three hours after I got home when I should have been enjoying a Saturday afternoon.

So now I can’t string a few sentences together, so I won’t try. See you tomorrow, I’m going to bed – with a perfectly-controlled blood sugar!


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