Should I Change The Blog’s Background?

(I’m asking you guys this for once, instead of using it as a rhetorical question to start discussing an idea all by myself!)

My blog, at the time of writing, has a black background with white text on it. Other blogs will have white, or a lighter-coloured, background with black text; my question to you is – should I change the colours of this blog’s text and background?

I’m asking this because sometimes I struggle to read my posts on this darker background, especially considering most other websites have a lighter background and dark text, presumably in an attempt to subliminally convince their users that the world isn’t full of dark doom and gloom, and that everything can be appreciated with a nice pale blue or crisp, refreshing white behind it, whereas in reality we live in a world where the only way to solve our problems as a species is to further the planet’s growing water inequality problem for the sake of likes on Facebook.

And while I don’t want you to think that the world is really as bad as it is in my hyperbolous and dreary mind, the majority of my posts are quite negative, so I want to reflect that with my choice of a single background colour, a choice rendered difficult by the sheer variety of topics I write about. I suppose it’s the old story when it comes to producing content – is it produced for the sake of the ‘artist’ or the audience?

Because if I had my own way (and we’re back in my mind here) the background would be black, the content doom-and-gloomy, and you’d have to like it or piss off, because I’d have so many viewers and so many fans that the odd offended reader wouldn’t matter one iota.

But in reality, I’m not that apathetic towards you guys – the fact that people read this thing every day means I should be making some kind of effort to improve the blog for your sakes – and I have nowhere near enough viewers to tell some of you to piss off and expect to still have readers regularly (seriously, please don’t leave me).

I think that for me, I have to tailor my content to what you guys want; for larger artists, from musicians to writers to directors, their skillset and renown means they have the power in the relationship with their fans, where an audience clamours to get hold of whatever new content their heroes produce, regardless of its actual quality. Part of this is based on the reputation of these artists, that generic piece of art x from Paul McCartney is expected to be better than generic piece of art y from me, and part of this is down to your celebrity culture, in which support and admiration of those deemed ‘famous’ is seen as an objectively good and desirable thing in most cultures.

But I appreciate you guys, as viewers, rather than being appreciated by an audience for my skill, so I can’t be dismissive of you and make something only for my benefit. That would leave me a dick with no viewers, as opposed to the current state of affairs where I’m a dick with a few viewers.

So please, let me know whether I should keep the colour scheme as it is or change it – you guys have to put up with it (I ‘read’ most of my posts as I write them in the white-backgrounded word processor on WordPress) so you should choose what it’s like.

And if I get totally blanked, I’ll go cry and never ask you guys a thing ever again. Hooray!


3 thoughts on “Should I Change The Blog’s Background?

    1. Considering I’ve been sleeping in two-hour sessions the last few days, I’d have to change the background to a constantly-revolving wheel of particularly garish and clashing colours, and put all the text in comic sans, to mimic the sanity of my sleep patterns recently.

      But you’re right – I’ve got about 270 posts on this blog, so maybe it’s time they all stopped looking so similar.

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