The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

(isn’t that a song?)

The other day, I tried to buy Madden 15 – the American Football equivalent to FIFA or PES for you non-American types – from Game, but they didn’t have any in stock because of a lack of interest; they didn’t think they’ve have any buyers, so they didn’t order any copies of the game, amusingly.

Since then I’ve ordered the game online (from Tesco, saving a fiver in the process, thank you very much Game) and I’m waiting for it to be delivered. Sadly, the only time I’m getting for this delivery is ‘by Saturday’, so of course this means I’ll wait anxiously by the letterbox every day until Saturday, because they could theoretically deliver it ay any time, but I’ll be left disappointed as they probably won’t even ship the damn thing until late Saturday afternoon, and it’ll show up in a cloud of burning rubber in the back of a battered delivery van being driven by a poor bastard on work experience who only got their license a week ago, and will get yelled at if they arrive any later than 11:59pm.

And then the manual will be missing or something.

So until this happens, I’m left in the most perilous of first-world scenarios: I’ve got too much time on my hands to do nothing, but not enough time on my hands to do anything substantial. For instance, I’ll probably wait a total of six days for this delivery, which is too long to stare out the window or marathon YouTube videos, but nowhere near long enough to start a career on the old Madden game, or get into a Football Manager save for more than half a season.

I’m in a kind of recreational limbo, therefore, as I’m spending my hours playing with apps from the iTunes store, apps that are very enjoyable (Football Chairman, anything by Kairosoft etc.) but are little more than a series of time-killers; and I know that time is to be cherished, not wasted, and that human mortality becomes apparent depressingly and regretfully quickly, but I’m a teenager in a society where attention spans are unfashionable, empty conversations with friends are too common to be enjoyable any more, and there’s so much online pornography that I don’t know where to start, and I’d feel bad for neglecting the other 9,999,999 search results for whatever unusually specific fetish I’m considering getting into today.

The best part is that the new Madden might be disappointing, and I’ll have to go back to playing Game Dev Story on the iPhone. Sweet.


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