My Body Clock’s Out Of Whack

(by about six hours!)

I’ve already talked about how I measure my sleep here, and about the strategic use of lie-ins to make watching American Football games easy here, so I don’t wanna repeat myself too much; but basically I got up at 1pm today so that staying up until 1am to watch the NFL season opener isn’t so damn tiring, so my body clock is rather confused.

For instance, I was able to read and make notes on Paradise Lost at about seven in the evening, whereas normally I can’t work later than four; I’d only been up for six hours by that point, so my body felt like it was closer to two in the afternoon. Similarly, I’m seeing my family being to wind down the day – having baths, drawing curtains and quietly procrastinating online by themselves – and I’m sitting here contemplating the debate of the means versus the end outlined in Naruto’s fight with Nagato in the children’s anime Naruto Shippuden. This also affects my blogging, because I feel like I should be rushing to complete a post, as it is the perilously late time of ten o’clock now, but really I’m only get putting my tea on.

There have been some more serious health consequences though; my diabetes is managed by an insulin pump, which releases a little insulin (the hormone that keeps my blood sugar from going dangerously high) throughout the day like a working pancreas would. This insulin dosage is called the ‘basal rate’, and is programmed to change throughout the day to fit my routine. For instance, from 11pm onwards the basal rate declines because I’m normally in bed, when I’m not moving about and reducing my blood sugar through exercise, so I need less insulin; however, I’ll be awake at 11, and likely scurrying about reading books, eating meals, or getting hyped for the NFL, all of which will excite me, raising my blood sugar greatly alongside that reduced basal rate that I’m unable to change (yet – hospital meeting next week).

So I might end up debilitatingly high, or worryingly low, this evening as a watch the NFL (diabetes can be confusing like that) but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Unless I’m hospitalised with a low blood sugar-induced seizure. Again. *sigh*


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