I’m Taking Another Break From This

(James Patrick Casey, taking the ‘daily’ out of daily blogging)

While a part of me wants to continue to imagine that I’m a writer of Herculean proportions, able to power through seventy-eight consecutive years of blog posts about socks or diabetes, and a more reasonable part of me wants to continue the awesome increase in views I’ve got over the past month and a half, which is the first consistent increase I’ve ever had in about ten months of doing this stuff, a much larger part of me has realised that I need a break.

And for the record, this streak was 77 days. Boo-yah.

Previously, I’ve stopped blogging for issues in my real life – DofE expeditions, exams etc – or concerns about the quality of the posts I was happily churning out regularly – as I did earlier this year – but this time I’ve found a new problem: I don’t want to blog right now. this differs from the last time; then I was enjoying writing drivel, but now I’m finding it a chore to publish something every day, because that’s pretty hard if you live an interesting life, so for someone as dull as me it’s a bit of a stretch.

I’m also not giving a defined date for my much-anticipated (at least in my mind) return to this great artistic stage, because I don’t know when the desire to blog again will return; I can have a superficial desire to write every day for the sake of the streak, but if I don’t have a deeper motivation to write – the motivation that made me start this thing last year – my posts will end up vapid, and my enjoyment of writing them will be shallow. And I don’t know when that more meaningful motivation will return; it could be a few weeks, or a few months.

I’ll be at UCL in a fortnight – I move in on the 20th and my first lessons are on the 22nd – so don’t expect to hear too much on those days themselves, but I should have plenty of amusing anecdotes from my adventures into semi-adulthood to regale you with in about a month or so. That, or I’ll just stare out a slightly different window than I do now.



3 thoughts on “I’m Taking Another Break From This

  1. I know exactly how you feel man! I’ve been on a break from blogging for a very long time. Every time I start again, I give up just as easily. Hoping to start up again soon, but coming up with things that I think people will want to read, and more importantly, things that I myself would want to read, is becoming a drag. I guess I’m trying too hard to please everyone nowadays that it’s losing it’s appeal.

    1. I’m not even trying to please people, that’s a whole other thing I’d not considered!

      But it’s a problem with unthemed blogs, where we don’t talk about news or sports or anything, so coming up with ideas is a bit hit-and-miss. I’m sure we’ll start hitting again at some point though.

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