Blogging’s Back … Already!

(coming at you from UCL, no less)

Having taken perhaps the shortest creative hiatus in the history of pretentious blogging, I’m now back on WordPress, energised, refreshed, and ready to share my vague and sometimes exaggerated life experiences with you for no reason other than the Internet commandeth it!

Since I last saw you, I have moved into a corridor with four other students, all of which are either coming off a gap year or are exchange students in their third or fourth years at their universities at home, a bedroom with an impressively and unnecessarily large fridge, and a bed with a duvet made out of brown paper bags. There was also a loving kerfuffle outside the building this morning, as parents from across the land (or at least within a drivable distance of central London) stopped off to drop of their kids, in scenes that included more unwanted fussing over and bag-carrying than the job description of a particularly personal bellhop, which made it as much a rite of passage for the parents – letting their kids go to uni – as much as it was for the kids themselves – leaving the house for crappy student digs.

Also, my house is located on a road approximately the width of the thickness of a piece of paper, meaning this whole event became a sort of traffic accident waiting to happen, where the road rage was based on parental love and affection, making it all seem like getting a good parking spot and carrying your kids bags for them became a competition to see who will do the most of their kids, and therefore love them the most, which threatened to turn this whole thing rather ugly. The fact that said kids, myself included, wanted to get to our rooms and meet new people ourselves didn’t help proceedings much.

But those are good problems to have – Hell, there could have been no oven or functioning lights in the flat – so I’m not really bitter about them. And I don’t have a toothbrush (whoops) and I don’t have food for tonight (sandwiches it is!) and I still haven’t met one of my flatmates (or seen them) but I’m still excited to be here, to be doing a thing I wanted to do, and to have things like lectures and books and trying to complete all-nighters without caffeine to look forward to.

I wanted to finish by saying that ‘the blog is the same, but my life isn’t’ or something like that, but I realised that’s corny bollocks, so I’ll finish with this: I’m at the fifth-best university in the world, and you’re probably not. Hahahahaha.

I wonder why people think I’m a bastard.


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