Today Was A Bit Of A False Start

(on your marks, get set, don’t learn – yet)

Sorry if this is abrupt but there’s somewhere I have to be in about half the time it takes to write a blog post without spelling and grammar mistakes, or the sort of long-winded and multiple-claused sentences I think are funny but are really a pain to figure out in my head, and are a bitch to proof-read later, but I have had my first day of universitying after three months of summer spent waiting for this, and it was a bit of a false start.

I understand that there are a load of things they want to introduce to us, and I’ve not got a problem with the fact that most students don’t come from the UK, let alone London, so a day and a half of figuring out this ridiculously poorly-planned city probably isn’t enough, but for those of us with no other interests, and a working knowledge of what the frak on Oyster Card is, I wanna do the English Literature thing, not the ‘welcome to UCL’ thing.

This isn’t a problem with the uni, it’s just my own impatience; I suppose that I had fixed today, Monday the 22nd of September, as the day that university starts for me, none of this ‘early move in’ crap, this is when the nine grand a year starts paying off. And it was perhaps unrealistic of me to expect that I could, or that I would, be thrown straight into fighting about the grammar of Paradise Lost so I’ll just have to wait for a little longer.

Of course, having said that, I’m probably not prepared for the things I’m waiting for, because I’ve not looked at Paradise Lost in a few days now and my completion of the remainder of the reading list closely resembles the completion of the stamp collection of an individual with a clinical fear of stamps, but in a way I want that. It’s not that I can’t motivate myself to do things, and I’ll have to learn over the course of the next year, but I think I react well to people telling me to do stuff, and pointing out all the ways I’m not really doing well enough for their liking.

I might be a masochist, but I’ve been anticipating the grind of reading a bajillion hours a day, the fear of saying something stupid in a seminar, and the inevitable car crash that my first university-level essay will resemble, and three months is a long time to wait for that when you’re playing Madden by yourself in a depressingly well-lit living room for days at a time.

So I’ll try to look at this as a positive, that the ideal of my university life is still very much alive, and I’ll be able to eagerly look forward to it for another week yet, before the depressing reality of having to choose two from a completed essay, enough sleep, and three meals a day, sets in on a daily basis. So bring on the learning, because I for one am quite ready.


6 thoughts on “Today Was A Bit Of A False Start

  1. It’s refreshing to read about someone who is excited for the frustrating yet rewarding challenge that is university. Best of luck to you. May the coffee be strong and the long nights include short naps that help you get through.

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