Nostalgic Shopping

(at Sports Direct, no less)

Today I signed up for a crap-load of societies for the coming year, some of which I’ll probably leave after the first taster session. But I am excited for the football and rugby societies, because I greatly enjoy the former, and used to greatly enjoy the latter. And while I lack technical footballing ability, and my rugby ability resembles a ferret valiantly body-checking a group of cement trucks, my biggest concern has been the kit.

Namely I’ve just shelled out over a hundred quid on footy socks and gumshields.

But buying this stuff has brought back some of the pleasant memories of eleven year-old James, who optimistically frolicked through OPRO stores and school sports outfitters, picking the coolest-looking (and invariably most expensive) things from the shelves for his inevitably awesome athletic career.

Yeah that happened.

But now my expectations are lower, and I’m looking forward to scraping into the seventh team through a combination of injury, luck, and bribing the captain with the use of the fridge I have in my room; its alcohol-storing potential exceeds my athletic potential.

Either way, I’ll keep you posted on my sporting endeavours.

Also, I wrote this on my phone, which is awkward, so sorry for the shortness.


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