I Ate Some Food Today

(if I’d posted that title on Instagram I’d be a twat, but here I’m just being dull! Yay, WordPress!

When I was a young warthog, I’d eat all the time. Then I got diabetes, and had to eat all the time, with injections thrown in for the Hell of it, but it wasn’t a big difference; I’ve basically had three full meals a day, every day, for the last eighteen years, because my parents are the nicest people in the world.

However, I am now at university, where I have to cook for myself and, while I can, food has suddenly become less attractive when I have to prepare it and do the washing up myself, every time I want some fried rice (and takeaways and ready meals are astronomically expensive, so don’t even start on that). And so, I have bravely embarked upon a potentially-fatal, time- and money-saving initiative I call ‘eat one meal a day’.

*takes off sunglasses*

I tried a two meals a day system over summer, the results of which can be found here, and can be summarised as such: ‘it was frakking difficult, but I thought I’d manage’. But now that I’m actually an underfed student, it’s not so bad; yesterday I had breakfast at eight, went to uni until two, napped until five, then went out until eleven and came home to watch Bake-Off (and promptly drooled over everything I saw), and felt peckish, but not hungry enough to make something or spend money at Subway.

Perhaps I’m just too distracted on uni life – the work, the friends, the social stuff and the societies – that I’m less aware of the relatively minor changes in my own body that I’d be more aware of when I’m siting at home for seventeen consecutive hours trying to pretend to myself that occasionally clicking the ‘next episode’ button on Anime Palm.com counts as a form of exercise.

I know that this kind of diet isn’t very healthy – especially considering I plan to join not one, but five sports clubs here at UCL – and I’ll probably have to choose between eating more or not dying in the near future (my friends, flatmates, and probably family have all berated me in a concerned manner for not eating anything), but for now, one meal a day is working; I went 28 hours on a bowl of cereal and half a packet of crisps, and I can’t even see my ribs yet.

At the very least I can piss off the other people in the library with my growling stomach, which I can accurately claim to have little control over. Result!


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