Hello New Readers

(god I feel like a prat for claiming to have ‘readers’)

I don’t really know what to write about this topic; basically, I’ve had a bit of an influx of new readers (cheers, btw) because this blog is shared on my Facebook wall, so all the English-doing, magazine-writing, other-people’s-interests-appreciating people I’m befriending here at uni are seeing this collection of scatter-brained ideas and self-loathing pop up in their news feeds, and are actually clicking on the link. Intentionally, no less!

And I want to introduce you folks to this blog, because I think there are some important rules you need to keep in mind when reading it (namely that any day’s post can vary between a clever idea and nearly literal horsesh*t) but don’t want to alienate you guys by doing so; I don’t want you to think that you have to like certain things or behave in certain ways to be ‘allowed’ to be interested in this blog, as may be the case in some groups of people with a shared interest.

But I’m gonna say a few things, just so you don’t have to paw around the ‘Archives’ bit on the side of the screen to find out what this blog is about:

– What I try to focus on in this blog is variety, that I write about whatever the frak I feel like, whenever I feel like it, and with a policy on swearing that varies on a minute-by-minute basis. This means that I have a large number of total viewers, but few (i.e. about five) long-term readers, because I write about a lot of things that are interesting to a lot of people, but that variety means I don’t really have an identity as a blogger that attracts regular viewers; this is why the blog is named after myself, because the presence of me is the only constant across the posts, and why I define it as ‘whatever I feel like writing, I write’ when people ask me what it’s about. So bear in mind that if I do a topic you’re interested in, I probably won’t go near it for another three months.

– I’m annoyingly self-loathing. This stems from a greater fear that I don’t want to impose myself onto other people, or claim to be anything I’m not, but it’s often taken too far on here (and sometimes in real-life) that I’ll not claim to be anything that I am. Think modesty, but to the extent where it becomes tedious and it would probably be more emotionally healthy to have a greater sense of my own value as a human being.

– Speaking of real-life, I so kinda use a persona on this blog. Firstly I’m nowhere near as brash and aggressive in reality, often saying little or nothing at all, not out of shyness, but out of that fear of stepping on other people’s toes; this is why I like blogging, because you guys come here to read what I have to say, so we’re all in a bubble where me being the focus of things is to be expected. Just in case you’re surprised when I don’t use the phrase ‘butt-f*ck nowhere’ more regularly in real-life.

No, I won’t be changing the background colour any time soon. I know that most sites have a white background, and that going from this blog to any of those does make your eyes go funny for a bit (certainly mine do) but I like the black, and it’s my blog, so there (this is the more aggressive side of the ‘I write what I want’ thing).

You don’t have to read all these posts! I’d encourage against it! This is perhaps the biggest piece of advice I have for engaging with this blog, and I’ve written a whole post about it in the past. Basically, I’ve had friends in the past say they’d like to read my blog but they don’t want to read just one post, then nothing again; this is totally fine, and that one time you read a post is one more time someone cared about what I have to say! There are over 300 posts on this blog, so reading them all would be impossible (and depressing, given their usual content, style of writing and general quality); just read whatever interests you, including nothing at all. I’ve realised over time that a key part of producing content (‘art’ if I’m feeling pretentious) is providing a service for others, as well as being relaxing and enjoyable for the artist themselves; so if your favourite type of engagement with this blog is to ignore it or read is sporadically, don’t think I’m unhappy you’re not interested, you’re actually doing your job as a reader with opinions about what they actually want to read.


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