My Peace And My Quiet

There is a contradiction here, that today is my busiest day

In terms of classes at university. But I felt strangely peaceful

Trudging from one obscurely

-located lecture theatre to another. I seriously

have more classes at the University of Birkbeck than at University –

giving out free books,
and offering so many opportunities

– College London. The rain helped. I love rain. I

Think it’s one of my top five things, not just my favourite

Type of weather. I

‘d probably prefer being rained on to watching Doctor

Who or something, and I do quite like Peter Capaldi. Maybe I

Was tired, so it was easier to relax while

Walking; maybe I was content, knowing that with the end of last

Week, ‘Try Fortnight’ is over, and there’s a chance to sign up for societies for the year

With older, more serious students. I

‘ve seen people –

friends, Londoners, and countrymen,
lending no-one their ears

– go places listening to music, or conversing with each other, which I

enjoy, but not all the time. You

Miss out on hearing life, I’d imagine, as opposed to just watching

It, as you would do on a screen.

And I’m too focused on screens right now –

you’re reading this on one now,
and you’re writing on one now, you bastard

– so abstinence was necessary, as I walked from

Place to place, with my legs, I thought of no-one, cared

Of nothing, and I loved it.

lonely fucker


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