My Caffeine Addiction Is Back

(look at me, using photos and crap!)


That picture is the current state of my desk, and the fact that there are nine empty soft drink cans, and one notebook, is worryingly representative of the amount of time I’ve spent on things these last few days. That there is a total of 3,830ml – almost four frakking litres – of soft drinks, all of the sugar-free, and all of them caffeine-heavy.

I can’t remember if I’ve talked about my caffeine addiction before on the blog – I’m ironically too tired to check now – so I’ll go over it again: when I was fourteen or so, I was getting through about a litre of diet coke a day, and ended up needing it just to get home from school without falling asleep on the bus or something. It got to the point where I was literally getting less than three hours of sleep a night, and feeling fine (as long as I got my fix of diet coke) the next morning; some nights I wasn’t sleeping at all.

So I decided to stop drinking caffeine; I went about three years without the stuff – I don’t drink coffee or tea anyway, so really it was just a matter of not drinking diet coke – and felt great; I was sleeping for about ten hours a night, from nine to six, every night, and I had the energy to do all the things I needed to do. During holidays, I kept up these hours of sleep, but pushed everything back a bit, sleeping midnight to ten, for instance, so I could do late-night Naruto-watching or Football Manager-playing (sometimes I don’t wonder why I’m so lonely).

But university has rather frakked with that. When I’m out, I drink diet coke instead of beer, and to me avoiding alcohol is more important than avoiding caffeine, so Freshers’ Week kinda kick-started my addiction again. Also, my routine – of getting up early, staying up late, and reinforcing my six hours of sleep with a nap in the middle of the day, requires caffeine for both times when I wake up, in the morning and evening, to get me going again. At school, this wasn’t an issue because I woke up with two hours to spare before going out the door, but the sheer number of things I’m doing right now means I’ll give myself half an hour (or less) to get ready in the morning.

The solution to this will be to simply stop drinking the stuff full stop, as I did before. But considering I’ve needed two more cans of Fanta to get through this post alone, and there are a million new flavours of diet drinks to tempt me like an array of ethnically diverse prostitutes – eagle-eyed viewers will notice a few cherry cokes in that picture – this might be more difficult than I thought.

But I’m doing a degree, writing for up to three magazines, going to three sports societies, keeping a daily blog and intend to do NaNoWriMo next month; it’s not like I’ll be too busy to focus on kicking this addiction or anything.



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