I’m Lying To You Right Now, And I’ll Keep Doing It

(because who needs honesty?)

Although I claim to post every day on this blog, this post is a bit of evidence to the contrary; this post will be published on Friday 17th October, but it’s actually being written – shock horror – on Thursday 16th October, a state of affairs that will continue until Monday. This isn’t because I’m particularly busy tomorrow – but come to think of it I do have an interview, a tutor meeting and Dodgeball to play – but because I want a break, but don’t think this is a big enough need to break the blogging streak.

In the past, I’ve stopped blogging for DofE expeditions and exams, both of which require great deals of effort and concentration in their own right, and usually take place away from a computer anyway, so blogging was a non-starter then. However, now I’m three weeks into my course, I’ve done some work, a lot of society things, and I’ve probably been malnourished for at least a fortnight, so I want to go home this weekend and forget all about my commitments – both academic and recreational – for a bit. But it’s not like I’ll be off hiking or doing anything strenuous; I’ll essentially have the time, if not the brainpower, to blog, and so there’s no valid reason why I shouldn’t be blogging.

And this doesn’t really break the streak; the posts will still be published every day, only written in advance, and I don’t think this blog is either well-known or good enough for you guys to either care, be affected by, or even notice, any kind of deviation to the pattern (apologies if reading my blog is the highlight of your day btw – if this is the case you probably need to sort your life out though).

So sorry about bullshitting you for these next few days, but I wanna play Madden for a bit, okay?


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