Three Meals Yay!

(I do believe the phrase is ‘boo-yah’)

Last Thursday I had three meals. In one day.

Three meals. One day.

Frak yeah I’m healthy!

Now I know that tea consisted of half-burned, half-raw chicken because I can’t work a grill, and the only vegetables I had all day were Sainsbury’s boiled potatoes, hardly the most nutritious of things, but considering I’ve been working off one meal a day for a few days these last few weeks, this is big news for me.

It’s not that I’m incapable of cooking (I’m hardly good, but I can do it), nor that I don’t have the time, I just can’t be bothered to spend an hour preparing food, cooking it, burning it, forcing it down my throat to validate my insulin dosage, and washing up again. It takes like an hour in total, and this is time I could be working (read: sleeping).

This has been frakking with my blood sugars recently though, as I’ve been having systematic lows at the same time every day because I keep skipping tea, and constantly reducing the amount of insulin I’m getting isn’t a sustainable solution, as I’ll end up with no food, and no insulin which, although a balanced state of affairs, is very bad for my long-term health.

I don’t know how sustainable this system is, however; I only had time to make tea because it was midnight and I was staying up to watch the NFL after a four-hour nap. Most days I’m in bed by eleven or ten, having not had a nap, or having had a nap followed by a Karate session or something, and after blistering your feet to Hell for the sake of some well-placed punches, you really don’t want to be thawing chicken fillets in a microwave at one in the morning.

But at least I know I can do three meals a day if necessary, so there’s that. And even if I stop eating and get hospitalised again, I can always go home and guilt my parents into cooking for me. Yay living 20 minutes from home!


4 thoughts on “Three Meals Yay!

  1. Soup, my friend. Throw everything into a pot and let it boil for a while. You can do other things while it cooks (just set an alarm if you’re going to sleep). Also, you can’t make only one serving so then you have leftovers that reheat well.

    I also love boiled eggs, rice and beans, and pasta for the same reasons.

    1. But I make too much with the intention of reheating leftovers, only to forget about it so it goes off and stinks the whole cupboard out *cries*

      And having set off the fire alarm twice in the first week there’s no way in Hell I’m leaving a pot to boil by itself.

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