I Can’t Wait For November

(but I’ll have to because time is linear and boring like that)

I try not to look forward to things in life, partially because they’re not happening now so thinking about them can’t really affect me, and largely in case they turn out to suck, but I’m indulging myself in a bit of optimism right now, because November is shaping up to be a rather excellent month.

I’ll be seeing Rise Against and The Orwells within a week of each other, as part of an uncharacteristically trusting exercise in which me and a new friend bought tickets to see bands of each other’s recommendation, without knowing those bands in advance (I’m taking them to Rise Against, they’re taking me to see The Orwells) and, fortunately, I like both bands, and the person I’m seeing them with, so they should be quite awesome.

YouTubers Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs (who are respectable almost exclusively because they’ve not been implicated in this year’s sex scandals) will be performing at UCL’s Bloomsbury Theatre, and I will get cheap tickets via the YouTube Society; and Tomska will be doing a Q&A at some point soon, which will give me an opportunity to go shove my face into the face of someone who’s crazy Internet famous. In other dweebish news, the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society has set a date for a one-shot RPG I’ll be attending, after about seventeen years of cat-herding in Facebook comment threads to fix a date we can all do; I didn’t think we nerds could be so busy.

Regarding sports, the England Women’s football team is playing against Germany at Wembley of all places, and I’d like to get tickets, as much to support the women’s game as to actually go to Wembley, having been a football fan living a tube ride away from it for seven years and having only got remotely close to, let alone entered, it because of trips to IKEA. There’s also a Dodgeball tournament I’d be interested in competing in, if there are enough teams to accommodate someone who can neither throw, nor dodge, balls effectively. Tomorrow I might see the Handball teams play as well, which isn’t in November but it’s close so shut up.

The Apprentice will be in full swing – I may even be allowed to write my mid-season review for UCL’s art magazine if we hit episode six next month – and Russell Howard’s Good News is back on our tiny, handheld screens (because who needs a TV when you have a phone and a dodgy Internet connection?) in case all my friends desert me and I’m left with caricatures and half-hour comedy routines to keep me company as the New Year approaches.

And speaking of friends there’s a Halloween party next month I might go to (although my usual costume of ‘me’ may not suffice for an event worryingly introduced with the condition ‘no costume, no entry) and in more non-November November news, my friend has a birthday party on Sunday that I’ll be attending, in the hope that I can parlay my lack of funds and free time into a credible excuse for not getting them a present to cover up for the fact that I’m an anti-materialist prick.

There’s also NaNoWriMo that I intend to complete (because I can’t manage time for shit) and I guess I’ll be doing NaBloPoMo simply because I write every day anyway (I’ll be a gibbering illiterate wreck by November 18th, calling it now), and I’m spending way too much time thinking about my novel; I’m intentionally not coming up with an ending (or even a middle) before November starts, so I just keep turning the opening over in my head which is a bit like smoking a joint that you’ll never finish, complete with your parents’ disappointment that you’re not doing something more substantial with your time.

I’ll also be starting a brand new blog at the start of November (the James Patrick Casey blog will continue uninterrupted, don’t worry, ‘loyal readers’) which I’m rather excited about, because its fundamentally different to this blog, and new things always have the potential to be good things.

So bring on November, and all the activities I’m slightly too excited for!

And I suppose I’ll be working towards that degree I’m dropping about 40 grand on at some point. *sighs*

My NaNoWriMo page


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