This Counts As Today

(that’s one of the weirdest titles I think I’ve had on this blog)

It’s currently five in the morning and I’m writing today’s post; I’m not doing this because I’ll be busy the rest of the day, nor because I’m overcome with creative thoughts (okay maybe a little – I’m writing a 10,000-word short story to tide me over until NaNoWriMo but that’s beside the point). I’m writing this now as evidence to myself that my life really doesn’t fit a linear 24-hour cycle any more, and I imagine that the lives of most students don’t either.

I’ve been on a cycle of awake in the morning (for lectures), nap in the afternoon, awake in the evening (for society things), sleep for too little time at night, but even that’s falling apart on weekends and the days I don’t have lectures and seminars – Wednesday and Friday – because I’ll stay up until five to watch the NFL, or play Mount & Blade, or for no frakking reason whatsoever.

This also happens with the diabetes side of things; my pump is a wonderful device, but it only operates (as most humans do, really) in 24-hour cycles, giving different dosages of insulin throughout the day, every day, from midnight through to midnight. This means if I want to stay up late on what I perceive to be Thursday night, I’ll have to piss about with the insulin for the ‘Friday’ section, which is all a bit of a confuzzling faff really.

But for once, I’m not going to get upset at our silly human concepts! It makes sense to have a 24-hour clock, because it fits with the rotation of the Earth and how the human body is built to live – sleep in the night, be awake during the day. Whereas I usually try to argue against social conventions from what I perceive to be a point of abstract reason and logic, this time I’m in the wrong and I know it.

But it won’t stop me getting annoyed about it and using it for inspiration for a blog post. Because that’s what we do with our problems, as opposed to actually solve them – here’s to another caffeinated beverage!


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