Going On A Literal Vegetable Run

(Sainsbury’s has an impressive array of veggies, it must be said)

Today, as part of my ongoing attempts to, like, eat human food, I decided to make egg fried rice in the 50 minutes I had before having to go out (make that 20 mins now. Eep.), but I lacked the strange and wonderful ingredients known as ‘vegetables’ to make this happen – BBC food said I needed onion and leek. Leek! Who the frak ever uses that?

Not to be disheartened, I went on a vegetable run, literally legging it to my not-quite-local Sainsbury’s (because my local Sainsbury’s is much closer, but is much smaller and basically only stocks ready meals and chocolate; I think the placement of the useless one closer to me is the universe’s way of telling me that some of us are destined to not cook), raiding the fruits and vegetables island like a group of Forest Bandits in the game Mount & Blade Warband, and scarpering home after spending an impressively short amount of time banging my head against the self check-out machine (I only got a mild concussion today!).

I also ran home, flying past annoying young people dressed up like lepers or some shit for Halloween, a celebration that doesn’t take place today, and has had its historical roots more bastardised than Christmas, Easter, and Star Wars combined; but screw them, I had a bag full of apples and onions, so I could kill any of them dressing up as a vampire having never read Dracula, which really pisses me off as an English student.

But, sure enough, when I got home I realised I didn’t have the time for this most adventurous of culinary exploits; it would take half an hour according to the BBC site, which I thought was pessimistic but I don’t want to set aside any less than 20 minutes for this stuff. Also, I discovered that getting to the party tonight will involve 50 minutes on the tube, but an extra fifteen minutes of walking to get to said tube, making the trip slightly longer, but enough so that I needed to reschedule my evening.

So that’s why this post exists, because I can’t manage time for shit – did I mention I’ve got up at five pm the last two days, after going to bed at seven am? Yeah, being diurnal is hard.


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