People Actually Read This Thing

(specifically you, right now!)

It’s easy to lose track of the context in which things happen; it was disappointing that the Patriots lost in least year’s AFC Championship Game, but they did incredibly well to even get there considering their offensive blandness and defensive weakness, for instance. Similarly, it’s important that I don’t take this blog for granted – you are reading it of your own volition, and that’s a thing I can’t really not be grateful for, like all the time.

My words have been read 229 times by people from Singapore, 15 times in the UAE, and once in Myanmar (which is totally called ‘Burma’, WordPress – just sayin’). These are like, far off places, and people who don’t know me personally are apparently attaching enough merit to this blog to make it worth reading. Dude, that’s insane; a few years back I was producing 80-paragraph gamebooks for my own amusement that never saw the light of day, and starting comic clubs with my mates at primary school that were 97% cliches, and 3% ideas stolen from each other.

And while I cling to pipedreams about becoming a bestselling author, then doggedly refusing to sell the rights to a film adaptation because I want to keep my art pure, man, before ultimately giving in when I turn 78 to piss off my fanbase and generate a lot of money to fund my grandkids’ university education, those dreams rarely focus on the individual people who will choose to not only read my passages, but pay money for the ability to do so. Often, we forget that the human race doesn’t consist of ourself, a solitary figure of complexity and importance in a sea of one-dimensional and functional supporting characters, but a rock with seven billion main characters living out their 80 season-long multi-genre epics, and that interesting things happen when these storylines cross (the exact opposite of two long-running series jump the shark together and have a crossover episode), rather than your narrative train crashing headlong into a new person, who’s little more than a slightly different kind of minor character.

So for me to feature, at least in a small part, in the rollercoaster of a narrative that constitutes the lives of other people is a big deal, that I often don’t appreciate when frantically refreshing the ‘Stats’ page on my WordPress account, to see if I can hit the magical number 40 that indicates that this day has been a success in terms of views. So if I don’t mention it again for another year or so, thank you for thinking this blog was worth a click and a few minutes of your time to read; theres’ nothing worse as a writer than to not have your stuff read.

PS Sorry about missing a post yesterday, I underestimated the length of a party; does two posts today make up for it? I’ve had a sleep in between so it feels like two days for me.


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