Impending Technical Difficulties

(and by ‘impending’ I mean ‘current’, too!)

I’d like to tell you about how NaNoWriMo is going so far (in a word, ‘well’) and how my reading week is going (it’s harder to read Ovid in a day than I thought), but I have no wifi in my room any more, so I can’t write anything on a computer and upload it here; I’m having to tap this out on my phone which feels a bit like a t-rex pathetically tapping it’s stubby fingers away on a typewriter. And, knowing my accommodation, it’ll probably take until December 2153 for this problem to be fixed, so don’t hold your breath for any long or meaningful posts any time soon. I’ll look into it today, but there might be a lot of these filler posts for a while yet. Yay technology!


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